May 14, 2014

REVEALED: What Are Women Attracted To?

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Written by: Recultured Team
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Do you ever wonder what attributes a lady will notice or catch her interest when searching for the perfect man? If you’re not entirely sure, then here’s your chance to find out.

Good Personality

Having a good personality is an absolute must. Some people, for some reason, don’t believe this, but the inside really does count. People can see how you truly are and how you treat others, so don’t try to fake it.

Positive Attitude

Both thinking and acting in a positive manner is very important. Being positive is a lot more attractive than being negative. Furthermore, sharing your ambitions and setting goals that you plan to achieve shows that you have hope and dedication.


Confidence is key. Would you rather date that person who can say “hi,” when he runs into you or that random kid who sits right across the classroom from you even when you switch spots, gawking at you every once in a while, without saying a word or smiling to you all semester? In general, being confident isn’t easy. Some people are a natural and then there are those who need to work on it. “Confidence is sexy”, however climbing out of your comfort zone and trying to be confident, when you lack it, can be just as impressive.


Assertiveness, like with the attributes I mentioned above, is demonstrated by your words and actions. Women like assertive men because they are bold, decisive, responsible (for the most part), and will stand up for others (how manly).


How you dress makes a difference. What one wears shouldn’t matter so much, but in reality, it does, especially if someone doesn’t know you well enough and checks you out based on appearance alone. If you want to be taken seriously as a potential partner, dressing decently, at least, on a special occasion is important. Also, suppose that you already dress well on a regular basis, maybe because of work, so when you wear something casual, like a t-shirt and jeans, it will be appealing to us too. Being dressed in fancy clothing isn’t a definite requirement; just wearing something that looks good on you will be enough. That being said, do keep this in mind:


Image via http://instagram.com/p/kJaL7GttpT/


It takes a special connection in order to notice that somebody has “see through the soul” eyes. These sorts of eyes are deep and can make you stare into them forever. If it’s there between the two of you, then you’re very likely to be an excellent match.


Another attractive feature is the smile. Some types of smiles can be charming, dazzling, playful, or cocky. And there’s even something about the corner of the lips, for some, when they execute a smile. As long as a lady likes it, she’ll probably want to make your laugh more often.


A guy that is associated with a wonderful smell could stay in a girl’s memories and she’ll be easily reminded of him. Plus, you’ll stand out from other men who don’t have a nice distinctive smell.

Well-defined Body

Most women find a man with a well-defined body to be attractive. Those men are usually athletic and somewhat muscular. Have you ever heard a lady mention to her friends something like “he has a nice ass”? Not sure whether you’re aware, but we actually do take note of features like these. Exercising and working out improves your health, so why not give it a try?


So there you go guys, these are just some qualities that can spark our interest and make us want you. Ladies, is there anything that you’d like to add to this list?


Featured Image via Ariadna Bruna on Flickr

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