January 14, 2014

So You’re Getting Tired of University

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Written by: Recultured Team
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As you continue your academic career in your second, third, and fourth years of post-secondary schooling, you might feel some odd feelings. Perhaps its just slightly harder to drag yourself to that 9 AM class, or your list of readings that “I’ll read later (but really I probably won’t)” fills up just a tad bit faster than before. And that’s why you’ve come to this guide. To help you… maybe.


I’m done with classes, I can’t handle it anymore.

What’s up? Wait….let me guess.

No…you don’t really need to do —

YES. This is my job as the omnipotent narrator.

Well if you’re omnipotent you would already know.


* sigh * 

Okay. Let’s try again. What’s up, my kind-and-not-at-all-anger-inducing friend?

Alright…well…I’m in my third year of university, and I just want out. I generally enjoy my major and such, but it seems like so much of a strain to do anything. Not to mention my social life seems a bit lame. I’ve felt burnt-out like this before but that’s usually just near the end of the year, not when it’s only half-over.

You mean half-begun.


Nevermind. So it sounds like school has lost its fun novelty for you that you had in your first few years, to the point that you don’t even want to go to class or anything anymore?

Exactly! You get me bro.

Whoa. I’m nobody’s bro. Okay I’m my brother’s bro, but… not yours. So stop. Ew.

Are you thinking of dropping out?

No! Not at all!

Geez, don’t yell. It was just a guess.

I wasn’t yelling…

You used exclamation marks. That’s yelling, bro.

I thought I wasn’t your bro?

Shut up.


ANYHOW, lets see if we can get some good advice flowing here. Tip number 1: Join some clubs! Most schools have some pretty fun groups to join all the way from sports to arts to more special interests.

Well yeah I’ve done that. I’m the head of the “Students and Seniors Association of Staircases”


Yeah we go and tour the variety of staircases around the city. Its good fun! Well… it is until a member falls and breaks a hip.

Oh I see where your problem is, your club is draining the entirety of your cool from you. You’re just cool deficient, not bored of university.


Unless the club involves stairlifts, that is. Nothing’s cooler than a stairlift. Image credit: Flickr

No, no, I like the club! Can’t be that.

As much as I find that hard to believe… okay. Well if you’re feeling so terrible, perhaps you should take a break from school?

Not possible. I need to finish my degree in four years. That’s been my goal from day one. No exceptions.

No exceptions? Not even a zombie apocalypse or wild animal attack?


Image credit: WiffleGif

Not even that. I don’t enjoy school enough to want to prolong it another year. Plus I’m so close now…

Well there’s your issue. As a third year you can see the end in sight but its still frustratingly far away. I bet this is how you felt in grade 10 and 11 of high school.

Well… actually yeah. I wanted it to be done so I could go to university… but now I realize high school actually was a fun time.

Brilliant. Making some sense now. Now, humor me here for a second.


Don’t talk back to me, young man.

Are you my mother or something?

Maybe I am. And me, your “mother”, is very disappointed in how stupid, stubborn, and utterly dislikable you are being.

My mother would never say that to me.

She’s probably thought it. Let’s be real.

Anyways, what I’m saying is: you know how you now miss high school even thought you hated it at the time? Perhaps that’s happening again. Sure university is tough. Sure it’s sometimes frustrating. But in five years you may be missing it all the same.

Yeah I guess so. I should probably enjoy this simplicity and freedom of being a student while it lasts before I have to go get a real job.

That’s the spirit! Go find enjoyment in small things that you may not be able to when you are older. But for now, back to your studies in… what do you do anyways?

Major in Basket Weaving, minor in Anthropomorphic Product Design

Oh dear…


Featured image credit: Flickr

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