September 17, 2014

Meet ‘R’ Writers: Megan

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Written by: Megan Jones
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You may have read their posts but do you really know any of our bloggers? To get you primed for another season of blogger recruitment, we’re bringing you some profiles of our newer writers. Get to know our bloggers away from the keyboard and Meet ‘R’ Writers!

Interested in becoming a Recultured blogger? Applications to join the team will be open until Sunday, September 21st at 11:59PM. Click here to apply!


Name: Megan Jones

Where are you from? Edmonton, Alberta

What are you studying? I am working on a second degree in Communications with a minor in Film and Video Studies

What is your favourite book? Baron in the Trees by Italo Calvino

Where can we find you on the weekends? I am usually practicing my guitar or spending time with my daughter exploring Vancouver.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure? Smoking a cigarette while sitting on the floor thinking about things at 3 am.

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? I would like to be a well cared for cat. They have personality, are accountable only to themselves – and get away with it! Plus, I think the best life is to lie around in the sun and occasionally chase a mouse or two.

Tell us two truths and a lie.

  • I play the piano.
  • I don’t like children.
  • I have been picked up by the police and tossed into the back of a paddy wagon.

What is your favourite social media platform and why? Facebook. I love its multi-media options and flexible privacy settings, and I have contact with all my friends and family across the world.

What is your favourite part about blogging? Finding interesting people and their stories.

What is a goal you have set for this school year? To behave.

Any advice for first years? If you wish to do well in school, university life is – mostly – about good habits and finding ways to study more hours than you think is humanly possible. It can all be accomplished by remembering to breathe. Always read ahead, think about the work you have to deliver from day #1 (i.e. papers) find what interests you in everything you study. Give yourself a break; if you really hate something it’s probably not for you. Just move on and put it behind you. Prepare to have your mind blown by all the amazing knowledge and people you encounter in the world.

About the Author

Megan Jones
Megan Jones
Hi. I'm a newcomer to Vancouver, working on a 2nd degree in Communications, film and video studies at Simon Fraser University. In my spare time, I can be found noodling on my guitar, exploring Vancouver, meeting people, working on Insight Meditation and writing for The Peak and Recultured.com. Love it here, love the people, love my friends, love my family. Peace up everybody! And drop me a line :)

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