September 18, 2013

How to Break Free From Writer’s Block

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Written by: Recultured Team
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With a deadline upon you, there’s nothing more infuriating than the mental brick-wall that prevents any form of productivity for that term paper! Writer’s block is something I’ve frequently battled with as a university student, and it’s something I’m sure most of you will encounter on more than one occasion during your undergraduate/graduate career! How do I begin? What words should I use? What should I write next? The deadline is tomorrow! I know what I want to write about but why can’t I formulate it?! I can’t believe this is so frustrating!

Often times our growing frustration is what prevents us from writing anything worthwhile. I can tell you there have been a couple times where my frustration has led me to squeeze out the final product only minutes before the deadline. This is not good.
And now a new semester has begun and what better way to help not only myself, but all of you to bypass any potential writer’s block you may have this Fall while enduring the pressure of assignments and those dreaded final papers!



I know you’ve all heard this before, but exercise helps! It really does. I find that the days where I’ve gone for a jog are some of the most productive days I’ve had. The reason is because exercise helps the blood flow through your brain and hence creativity ensues!



I know some of you like to keep yourselves holed up in that cozy little cesspool of distractions that is called your dorm room. All of your things are there, it’s relatively quiet, your friends live down the hall, and you’re connected to every electronic device you own. A perfect environment for non-productivity! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes dorm room study environments work for people, but personally they’ve never worked for me. Go outside! Sit under a tree! Get some fresh air! The library has always been one of my favourite places to write my essays as the number of people working around me gives me incentive to crack down on the creativity. Many times a serious work-environment is all you need to get un-stuck from writer’s block!



Trust me, it helps. Caffeine stimulates your brain and makes your more attentive and aware of your environment. Think of it as a shot of productivity in a cup! I know from experience.



You’re becoming more frustrated with every passing moment. Soon you’ll become so stuck that you begin to panic. Just relax. Take deep breaths. Close the laptop or the notepad. Listen to some music. Get up and go for a walk then return to your work in 20 minutes. You may be surprised at how much this will accomplish!



This is a weird one, but I’ve tried it on a couple of occasions and I’ve actually been successful. When you first wake up, your brain is still in Theta mode, the brainwave pattern that your mind is in when you dream. My best writing happens when I get up at 5:00 a.m. I’m amazed at what my mind comes up with while I’m still half asleep.



Pull out a blank sheet of paper and write whatever comes to your head. And I mean anything. In fact, feel free to draw some little doodles in there as well. Free-writing stirs the creative areas of the mind and gets some of the productive juices flowing!



If you’re one of those uni students who’s been wolfing down the cheap Kraft Dinner like there’s no tomorrow: STOP. Set aside some money from your budget to buy some food that is actually good for you and will benefit your mind and body! Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and juices are key to maintaining a healthy brain, and overall you will feel better as well.



After an evening of intense writer’s block, you finally give up in aggravation. You decide to try again tomorrow. After putting away your materials, you flick out the lights. BAM! The most incredible idea hits you like a nuclear bomb! You flick the light on and reach up for the little notebook you have on your bedside table. You’d better write this down before you completely lose the thought when you wake up in the morning! This has happened to me countless times. And it hasn’t occurred just in bed. It’s occurred on my way to class, standing in the grocery line-up, working out at the gym! You never know when that wondrous idea will hit you so you better be ready when it does. Keep that notebook with you at all times!


So I hope these tips help you as they have helped me over the last few years. Just remember that writer’s block is NOT the end of the world. There are definitely routes you can to try and bypass it, while staying healthy, aware, and positive at the same time. And with that, happy term-paper writing folks!


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