December 20, 2011

RedBull Thre3Style World Finals Review

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Written by: Recultured Team
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RedBull Thre3Style World Finals Competition was held this past weekend at the Commodore Ballroom. This competition has the best DJ’s across the world competing for the title as the Best Party Rock DJ in the World. This is the 2nd time that there has been a Redbull Thre3 Style World Finals, the first World Finals in 2010 was held in Paris, France. The competition consisted of 6 DJs having to throw down a 15-minute set that consisted of at least 3 genres (hence the title Thre3Style). The DJs are judge on technical skill, track selection, stage presence creativity, and of course crowd response.

Eighteen DJs from around the world participated in the competition with having preliminary rounds earlier in the week taking place at Venue, Bar None, Fortune Sound Club and Five Sixty. At each Preliminary round one DJ would advance to the Finals along with 2 wild card DJs (The Judges choose 2 DJs to advance automatically) to compete in the Finals.

Judging the Final round of competition were acclaimed artist and DJs, Canadian DJ DJ Skratch Bastid, MTV Canada and 2004 World DMC Champion DJ Dopey, Pete Rock, DJ Premier and DJ Karve From Paris, France, 2010 Thre3 Style Champion.

Vancouver DJ, Hedspin, representing Canada Won the competition. He was able to beat out 6 DJS: DJ Supa from France, DJ Nedu Lopes from Brazil, DJ Bazooka from Switzerland, DJ Bitcode from Spain, and DJ Big Once from the United States.

DJ Nedu Lopes from Brazil came in 3rd place. His set consisted a lot of mash-ups and remixes with a heavy influence on South American rhythms.

2nd Place winner was DJ Bazooka from Switzerland. His set consisted of every possible genre from dub-step to pop. For Stage presence, DJ Bazooka aimed a bazooka into the crowd that exploded confetti on the dance floor.

Honorable mention:DJ Big Oncefrom the United States had an amazing set that included an incredible mash-up of tracks. 1st Place Winner DJ HedSpin. His set consisted an unpredictable track selection with a display of technical skill.  During his 15 minute set DJ Hedspin encountered a small technical difficulty, his right turntable wasn’t responding to his control, he even had the Judge Skratch Bastid to witness the fault, regardless DJ Hedspin being from Vancouver and having a huge fan base on the dance floor was able to recover smoothly. DJ Hedspins’ stage presence and creativity in the end “wooo’d” the crowd and judges enough to over come any faults.


DJ Hedspin has earned the title “World’s Best Party Rocker DJ” as well as 5000$. He will now be a judge in the next year’s Thre3Style competition.

If you ever have a chance to attend a Redbull Thre3 Style event, you will not be disappointed. The genre of music that is played is vast and there is something for everyone.

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