November 21, 2011

What is Brain Crack?

The stresses of being a student get to us all. Between the endless essays, assignments and exams, there is very little opportunity to workout and stretch our creative muscles. Confined within the padded white walls of academia, our brains turn to one of the most addicting substances available: brain crack.

So what exactly is brain crack?

Brain crack is concept created by Ze Frank via the Vlogbrothers. Basically, it begins with an idea. Well, an idea that you don’t immediately execute it. The idea gets pushed to the back of your mind for the time being because you feel as though you don’t have the experience or resources or time to make it as awesome as you want. So, there you leave it. Stewing in your brain, being overanalyzed and perfected, as you wait. And wait. And wait. Over time, the idea becomes grander and more awesome. Your brain essentially gets addicted to thinking about the idea. Eventually, you realize that, no matter what you do, you will never be capable of producing what you envision to the standards that you have already set. Or you do it and it sucks.

Don't let your ideas die

Kicking the addiction

As far as my knowledge goes, there is only one way to deal with this issue. To triumph over brain crack, you have to actually do it! Execute your idea. Make it real. Make it tangible. It may seem like an incredibly daunting task, especially when trying to do something new. And, obviously, you may not get it exactly right, but keep this in mind:

“Someone who has done something bad three times still has three times the experience of that other person who was just dreaming of the applause.” – Ze Frank

Just do it and don’t hold back! And have fun!

Show us the results of your brain crack. We’d love to see them! And if you have any tips on overcoming your brain crack, let us know.

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