April 24, 2014

Cumpari’s Gelato and Caffe – Italian Cafe on North Road

Right after a meeting on SFU’s Burnaby Campus, I drove down to Burquitlam, to grab a quick bite before heading to SFU’s Surrey Campus. I remember my friend Emily, whom I used to live with in the area, had suggested I check out Cumpari’s Gelato and Caffe as a place to study. Attracted to all the pretty cushioned chairs and the atmosphere when I entered, I certainly think this is a great place for individual work or to come with a friend for a coffee meet to eat and catch up. This cafe serves paninis, coffee, and soups, along with two food display cabinets of gelato and Italian cheesecakes and pastries.

Location and Parking: Parking isn’t difficult but the only thing to caution when coming into this cafe is to enter heading north up North road because there is an island blocking if you try coming south. If you are, turn left on Austin Avenue, then left again on Whiting Way to enter the cafe rom the back.

Seating: There was a decent amount of space and round tables and comfortable chairs to seat around 4 people each. Tall round tables and chairs are situated near the tall glass windows where you can overlook onto North Road.


Food: I couldn’t decide between the pesto turkey or calabrese panini but ended up choosing the latter. It was served with in a herb and wheat bun with spicy calabrese, mortadella, turkey, ham and salami with butter and mayo(?) inside for $7.95. I was going to get coffee for $2.50 but didn’t get it after asking if there was wi-fi since I wasn’t staying for long, so I just got water. The cakes are around $7.95/slice. After the panini was toasted, the server brought it to my table. The sandwich was overall on the salty side, due to the amount of italian meats inside.

Wi-Fi: There’s no wi-fi at Cumpari, which is why I didn’t get coffee because I thought my visit wouldn’t be that long. but I was lucky enough to connect to Shaw-to-go instead.




Overall, even though the food wasn’t spectacular, I was happy with the service and enjoyed sitting near the window doing some work. Next time I visit, I hope to try their tiramisu or gelato.

Price – $$ 
Overall Rating – 8.5/10
Food Presentation – 1/5
Atmosphere – 4/5
Taste – 1.5/5
Seating – 4/5
Service – 1/5 

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