July 29, 2013

Fake It ‘Til You Make It: How To Get Through That Final You Didn’t Prepare For

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Written by: Recultured Team
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We’ve all been there, you sit down and stare at that first question on the exam that is worth more than the last 13 weeks of class combined. You’re finally realizing that you should have been, ya know, studyin’ and stuff instead of sitting next to an open textbook during Seinfeld re-runs. But fret not, you can get through this! It’s a scientifically proven fact* that you can guess your way through literally any exam.

*no it’s not

1. Get inside your Prof’s head.


Think back to lecture. What sort of things did they talk about? What would your professor, or (much more likely) your half-asleep TA put down as an answer here? Did they mention what all the answers are? Did they ever say their favourite letter was C? These are the sort of hints that will save you here.

2. Stick to vague answers and buzzwords

Source: Salon.com

Source: Salon.com

Nothing is going to sink your proverbial ship faster than painting yourself into a corner with specifics. You’re going to want to be as broad and general as possible. Take a hint from every politician ever and  fill your answers with buzzwords and well-known terminology. If it’s a Business class, try throwing ‘Synergy’ and ‘Efficiency’ on the paper. For Political Science, perhaps a little rhetoric on ‘Electoral Reform’ will save the day. Philosophy? You’re probably already great at this.

3. Fake a medical emergency


source: Huffingtonpost.com

This one is a little dark, but your future is on the line. Make sure to be careful, any TA will know that you’re faking if you just all of a sudden get crippling arthritis halfway through the exam. You have to really be ready to sell it. Maybe you happened to have your appendix burst at the same time as a back spasm. They would be none the wiser because, really, who would fake two simultaneous injuries?

3. Resort to bribery

Source: thexluck.blogspot.com

Source: thexluck.blogspot.com

Listen, I’m not going to lie to you: The odds of you actually guessing your way through a whole final exam are ridiculously slim. That being said, nothing says ‘Please just let me pass this elective’ like a crisp 20 slid ever so carefully into your exam. It has a certain ‘maybe it was a mistake, maybe it wasn’t elegance to it without sacrificing the overall message.



What are your go-to solutions when you haven’t studied?
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