November 29, 2011

Getting Through Exam Time – How to Handle the Stress

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It is that time of the year again where everything is piling up. When exam time rolls around nutrition, social life and sometimes even basic hygiene go out the window. Cramming may seem like the only way to get all the information into your brain in time for finals but productivity actually goes up when there is a happy medium. I have some tips that help me endure the next few weeks of school.

  1. Cardiovascular exercise– is so so important to help relieve stress. Twenty minutes of exercise can boost your mood and energy for twelve hours. This can make a huge different when sitting down for a long study session.
  2. Smart Snacking – Red bulls and chips may seem like a staple when hitting the books but these foods spike your blood sugar levels and give you extreme highs and lows. It is very important to stabilize your blood sugar. Good brain foods such as berries, veggies and lots of protein can help facilitate this. Greek yoghurt is an awesome snack because it is full of protein and probiotics! I like to buy plain Greek yoghurt and throw fresh berries in it as a quick easy snack. Also be sure to snack every two hours so your brain is always getting nutrients.
  3. Peppermint tea – Peppermint helps stimulate memory. I usually have peppermint tea when it is time to study as well as when it is time to write the exam. An easy alternative is a mint candy or some peppermint chewing gum. 
  4. Sleep – no matter how much studying you have left to do, do not mess up your sleep schedule and miss sleep. Your body needs that time to recharge. The brain will remember more if it has been properly rested. It is a good idea to review study materials before bed so your brain will process if while you’re sleeping. A good eight to nine hours of sleep a night will keep you feeling refreshed.
  5. Caffeine – during study time caffeine may seem like your friend but it also dehydrates your body and can make you jittery, impairing your focus. Try to monitor the amount of caffeine intake and make sure you supplement it with water.


Hopefully these tips will take some of the stress off exam time!  Good luck with your studies!

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  • Finals are brutal, but these tips will help me get through them. Thanks Jaemie!

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