March 31, 2012

Karaoke Etiquette 101

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Written by: Ralph King
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Going to a karaoke joint is a great way to spend time with your friends. There’s nothing like singing your heart out with a mic around your friends. But let’s not forget about some karaoke etiquette before we get too carried away.

1. Don’t hog the mic

Nobody likes a mic hog. As awesome as your singing may be, you have to remember that other people want to sing to. Other people most likely paid for the karaoke session too, so don’t turn it into your own personal concert. Pass the mic around and enjoy listening to other people sing, however bad they may be.

2. Don’t just sit there

Not everyone is comfortable singing around other people, so you should probably skip karaoke if you’re not going to sing at all. A karaoke session is the only time when you won’t be judged for your ability to sing. There are probably worse people in the room. Just have a good time and sing your ass off.

3. Mind your own song

Some people like to sing their songs alone. So before you attempt to duet with that person, at least ask for permission or wait to be invited. It’s rude to assume that they’d like to sing with you so you proceed to take the other mic. Also, never ever cancel someone’s song while they’re singing. I don’t even have to explain that one.

4. Don’t intentionally screw up a song

A lot of people do this: They pick a song, intentionally screw it up, and they laugh because they think it’s funny. Guess what, you’re wasting karaoke time that you paid for. Look, nobody said that you can’t have fun while singing. In fact, that is the only reason why you went in the first place. But when you’re not even taking it a little bit seriously, then it’s probably best if you just stay home.

5. Ease up on the booze

Not all karaoke places serve alcohol. For those that do, karaoke parties sometimes could get out of hand. It’s because it feels awesome to sing when you have alcohol in your system. People tend to feel more confident and also feel like they actually sound better. The ugly part of it though is when people have too much to drink. They start acting obnoxiously and if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a vomiting performance that instantly kills the night for everyone. Don’t get too excited with singing so drink moderately.

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