October 29, 2011

5 Rules to Keep Him Interested

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Written by: Recultured Team
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John Tucker Must Die is a movie about a group of girls who try to get back at their fling by creating an irresistible girl to break his heart. The moral of the story is that changing yourself for a man will only prove that you are incompatible, however there are ways to be desirable without changing who you are.

1. Stay activeΒ 

What is interesting about a woman who sits by her phone and waits for a call all day? Staying true to your own schedule will show him that you have passion and independence. If a guy cares enough to spend time with you, he will attempt to make plans in advance and appreciate the time that you set aside for him.

2. Keep calm

Questioning your man about why he didn’t call you when he said he would, is just going to push him away. If you ever feel jealous, try to find your inner confidence and forget about envious feelings.

3. Tell him less about your life

When trying to make an argument, you don’t share your most precious information first! Although you have so many great things to say about yourself, have him try to get the information out of you! If he feels like he doesn’t know enough about you after your first date, he will want to ask you for a second date to find out more.

4. Be mysterious

The chase is attractive to guys; they will be more curious if they cannot figure you out completely. Have a fun conversation with your man, but keep your text messages short and sweet. When you notice the conversation winding down, tell him that it was nice talking to him, but you have to go. You need not to tell him why you will be busy, the ambiguous goodbye will drive him crazy!

5. Maintain your appearance

Confidence is sexy. Maintaing your appearance will give you a confident presence to remind yourself that you deserve the best. Not only will he see your beauty, he will notice your self assurance.

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  • Jon

    Number 3 and 4 are SO true. I get bored too easily… slight case of ADD perhaps?

  • Do these apply to guys as well?

  • Devin Rose

    Guy’s version coming soon! πŸ™‚

    • Jon

      I defs need a guy version of this πŸ™‚

  • And yes, coming from a girl’s perspective these tips can work for guys as well πŸ™‚

  • I am definitely combining number 3 and 4 so I don’t tell him the story of my life through texts. I’m so used to texting paragraphs!

    • I know! I am so guilty of texting paragraphs!! Great idea to combine 3 and 4

  • Clearly I’ve been doing it wrong.Β 

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