September 1, 2011

Summer Allure

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Written by: Recultured Team
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This summer I had the chance to go on the Allure of the Seas, the largest cruise ship launched in 2010 by the Royal Caribbean series. There was a lot to see, so I’ll do my best with a breakdown of the ship and the things that you could do.

Rooms – I was very happy with the stateroom that I had for the week. They were very spacious with enough room to even roll around the floor if you wanted to. The housekeeping were really friendly and did a really good job with keeping rooms clean – sometimes as a surprise, they’d leave out towels that were folded into different animals!

During The Day – The ship offered a variety of activities for guests to take part in – including zip line, wall climbing, flow riders and a sports deck which featured a basketball court. They had a lot of activities for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18, with an arcade and spaces restricted only for them too.  My only complaint would be that a lot of the age specific events did not cover the ages between 18 and 21. I felt really awkward since there wasn’t much for me to do after a few days; I wasn’t old enough for adults-only events and I was too old for events set only for the teens.

Food – There were lots of places you could go for food where the cost was already included with the price that you paid for the trip. Pizza parlour (opened until late night), main buffet area, soup/sandwich, café, and also a formal seating area where the waiters are super friendly. You could eat your heart out all week long – but then the food starts to taste the same after five days or so. For dinner, it is recommended that you go to the formal dining area to get your money’s worth ( haha ). They serve really good food there and every night can be a different three course meal.


Shopping – For people who are interested in taking advantage of the duty free stores, you may be a bit disappointed in the variety of shops to go from ( in relation to the ship size ). Most of the shops sold gift shop items with only a few specialty stores around the Allure.

Nightly Shows – Are a must.  Allure had special productions ranging from the Chicago musical to Ice Shows. My particular favourites were the Ocean Aria and the Blue Planet Productions.  Ocean Aria featured diving performances and acrobatics while Blue Planet Featured acrobatics and singing – Maybe I just like watching acrobats.
 *I highly advise people to reserve spots ahead of time as seats do fill up pretty fast for these shows*

When you pack for this cruise, make sure to pack two sets of formal clothing as there are two formal dinners. They excite me because it’s so cool to see everyone on the ship all dressed up. For families, you can also take the chance to re-take or take professional family photos available throughout the ship.

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