September 5, 2011

Essentials of Backpacking

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Written by: Recultured Team
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Backpacking across a country is a wonderful opportunity to explore a city and discover what you are truly made of. Backpacking provides unlimited flexibility with your itinerary, while keeping your cost down. This section we are going to discuss the essential items to take you with you to make your backpacking trip headache free.

There are some obvious items that you’ll have to bring such as clothes, shoes, toiletries, towel, a backpack, but lets get down to the essentials.

1. Bottle of water.  Always have a bottle of water with you, especially for those long travel days. Bottle water will be able to cool you down and quench that thirst when there are no markets around. Also it can save you money, buying water on a train or at a popular tourist location is expensive.

2. A Day Bag. You don’t want to be carrying your 50-pound backpack everywhere, so bring a day bag. A day bag will be able hold your shopping goods, and will be handy in carrying your map, camera, snacks and bottle of water.

3. Locks. Protect your gear! You don’t want to lose your valuables. Bring a combination lock, a bicycle lock and locks for zippers. The combination lock is when you have a locker in a hostel, a bicycle lock for locking your backpack to a pole or a immovable object when the room your given does not have a locker, (especially true for some hostels/ untrusting hotels), the small locks for are zippers are to lock up the zippers on your bag so no one has access to it except you. Locking the zippers on your day bag will defer you from being pickpocketed. (A pickpocketer will realize too much effort is need to open this awesome bag). It’s better to be over pre-cautious than to lose your gear and have a headache of claiming it with insurance or going to the authorities, so lock up!

4. First Aid Kit. The first aid kit can be very simple, it can be small as a zip lock bag with a few band-aids of different sizes, and alcohol swabs. One of most of important thing to add to your first-aid kit is some anti-diarrhea,  anti-nausea pills and Tylenol or Advil pills. You’ll be glad you have the anti- diarrhea pills once you it start having the “runs”. You’ll never know how your stomach or body will react to different types of food it has never hadit  before, so be prepared, you don’t want to waste a day on the toilet or in your room.

5. Snacks. The best way to save money while on a tight budget is bring snacks. Bring a stack of granola bars, or any type of snacks you enjoy: fruits, energy bars, a small sandwich, etc. Having a snack ready will prevent you from always buying food and will keep your hunger in check when traveling.

Remember when backpacking, take what you need!

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