August 18, 2013

Summer Vacation of Rediscovering the World: A Trip Through Asia

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Written by: Recultured Team
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With a passion for travelling, my ideal summer would always be filled with stories of fun and adventure. Although I didn’t plan to do much travelling last summer with the amount of work I had, everything changed when my grandmother broke her leg, and I flew back to China to visit her. After knowing that my grandma was recovering, the visit felt like a vacation without prior notice, a chance to get away from the stress of problems back home and rediscover the world around me. I got to unite with my cousin, who lived in Korea, and we decided to travel and have an adventure together just like when we were kids, except without the supervision part.

We first decided to go to Beijing, because it only took three hours with the new high speed train, although it would take about 13 hours in the past. I have been to Beijing many times ever since I was a little girl, however I could never quite recognize Beijing with all the new buildings popping up around the city. As the political and economic centre of China, Beijing was quite different from how I remember it used to be, it has become a modernized city.


Beijing CBD (Image via Jetsetz.com)

Old buildings have been replaced by skyscrapers, with vibrant restaurants and bars around the city. Unlike other modern cities, although there are many skyscrapers, Beijing still possessed many precious historical sites such as The Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Moreover, Hutongs, traditional alleys all around the city, never fails to bring tourists into the past. Elements of modernity mixed with unique historical sites makes Beijing a special place among modern cities in the world.

The Great Wall (Image by: Jill Morgyn)

After coming back from Beijing, we decided to visit Hong Kong, because it was a very special city both economically and politically. Moreover, before going there, my friend Monica believed that Hong Kong must be an extremely modern and fashionable city with skyscrapers everywhere. In order to save some money and have an unique experience, we decided to take the train instead of plane for our trip. Therefore, we first took the train to the city of Shenzhen, which bordered Hong Kong. We decided to have a short visit in Shenzhen before going into Hong Kong. Unlike Beijing, as a newly developed modern city, Shenzhen didn’t  possess much historical site. However, it didn’t  fail to be a vibrant and modern city, with great food and entertainment. After enjoying  Shenzhen, we finally decided to cross border into Hong Kong.


Shenzhen(Image by: Joe Heitzberg)

Contrary to our expectations of a fashionable city, Hong Kong wasn’t filled with skyscrapers everywhere. However, there were unique old buildings, which looked they were built in the 60s. Moreover, there were many old and traditional shops. This was very different from Beijing, due to the demolishment of old buildings and development of new skyscrapers, it was very difficult to spot such old buildings in Beijing. Although Hong Kong lacked historical sites as those in Beijing, it’s narrow roads and old buildings brought a completely different sight from the demolished and rebuilt Beijing. However, as an important financial and trade centre in Asia, Hong Kong didn’t disappoint us with high skyscrapers in the central area of the city. Just like in Beijing and Shenzhen, it provided vibrant food, entertainment, and shopping choices for its tourists. Although Hong Kong was quite different from Beijing and Shenzhen, with a mix of old buildings and modern skyscrapers, it was an interesting and exciting city on its own.

Image by: bugbog.com

HongKong(Image via bugbog.com)

Before coming back to Canada, I had the chance to visit Tokyo due to my connecting flight. Similar to Beijing and Hong Kong, there were modern skyscrapers everywhere in the city. There was an extensive subway system in Tokyo, which makes very convenient to go to different places around town. While shopping in Japan, the manner of Japanese people really attracted my attention. Unlike Beijing and Hong Kong, not only were great and considerate services always provided to customers, but also Japanese have the habit of using extensive polite phrase when speaking. Furthermore, similar to its care for services, Japan is famous for its carefully crafted products. Much beautifully crafted products are provided for customers to bring back home.

Image by :yixin Lin

Tokyo (Image by: yixin Lin)

During my summer adventure, although every city provided vibrant food and entertainment, every city also had its own unique character waiting to be discovered. I brought back many wonderful stories from my summer vacation, what is your summer story?

Image via good-wallpapers.com

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