From the writer of Tangled, and Cars 2 Dan Fogelman presents a new twist on the conventional Romantic Comedy with “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” This movie caught my eye from the opening trailer, not only because of the storyline but because of the incredibly talented cast, starring some of my favorite actors Steve Carell (from the Office) and Ryan Gosling (from The Notebook).



Crazy Stupid Love follows the life of Cal Weaver (played by Steve Carell), a suburban father with a seemingly perfect life. When suddenly his picture perfect life falls to pieces when he finds out the love of his life, Emily Weaver (Julianne Moore) has cheated on him with a coworker and wants him to sign the divorce papers and move out.
Thrust into the unfamiliar realm of dating the 40-something year old Cal attempts to fit into his bachelor life. Similarly to some of his other roles he has played (ie. 40 Year Old Virgin), Steve Carell undergoes a drastic transformation/makeover to get back into the dating field, lead by the ladies man and womanizer James Palmer (Ryan Gosling), who battles his own war to find love.

 Why I Love it:
The storyline is fresh and is something different rather than the recycled romantic comedies out there. This movie really showcased Steve Carell’s humor and his character Cal Weaver, fit him to a tee. However, the biggest surprise of all was Ryan Gosling, known for his more dramatic roles, Ryan was able to show off a lighter more comedic side. I loved how the storyline showed the true complex emotions of a relationship and contrasted the true feeling of being in love with the trials and tribulations that it can bring. This movie covered everything from first love, cheating, bachelor life and divorce.
Overall Verdict:
Hilarious movie! Although it starts off slow the storyline really begins to pick up in the middle and erupts at the end where everything begins to tie in together. There were some sad parts (I do admit I teared up…) but didn’t linger on the sad parts because it had me laughing two seconds later. This movie had just the right amount of cliches and humor that an successful romantic comedy needs. Overall this movie was a memorable movie with a five-star cast and provoking meaning.
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