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Tech Troubled Films For Our Surveillance Age: Source Code

Posted  April 15, 2016  by  Megan Jones

With the 1936 film Modern Times, Charlie Chaplin introduced a witty, scathing take on the effects of mass technology, and indeed, the type of life we forge with it has become a central preoccupation to our modern world. Film remains at the forefront of this conversation, not only for the speed and power of its […]

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Thank You.

Posted  April 4, 2016  by  Simmi Dhaliwal

I didn’t really know what was missing and I’ve never been really good at being sad. As of recent I’ve had to make peace with saying goodbye to one of the most loving human beings that walked into my life. Death is such a huge part of our lives and eventually there comes a point […]

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Productive Procrastination

Posted  March 31, 2016  by  Melissa Ong

More often than not, students tend to be typecast by their expertise in procrastination – I am living proof of this. But what if we could challenge the negative stigma attached to procrastination and transform it into something positive? In delaying the progress of one particular task, you offer yourself the opportunity to make headway […]

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Posted  March 8, 2016  by  Simmi Dhaliwal

New Year’s resolutions. We all do it or at least have tried it? Eating clean or getting that awful gym membership because it’s good for you! But really two weeks or at best three weeks into the New Year you find yourself in front of your laptop surfing Netflix and the half empty Nutella jar […]

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Tinder 101: How to Survive Today’s Dating Culture

Posted  March 2, 2016  by  Fiona Leung

Tinder is still the dating app that everyone is talking about it. Find out why this app’s popularity is consistently gaining momentum and ways to survive using Tinder in order to enrich your experience.

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Going Out with DevinRose – Halloween Events in Vancouver 2011

Posted  October 24, 2011  by  Recultured Team

Do you want to have a Halloween weekend to remember? There are plenty of eclectic Halloween events that you will not want to miss! Whether you want to dance in a club, attend a party, or go out for an intimate dinner, Vancouver is an ideal place to be this Halloween. 1. Vancouver Club Crawl  If […]

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Food & Drinks

When Food Is On Your Mind

Posted  August 23, 2011  by  Shoestring

When I spend time on the computer, it is mostly consumed by staring at food. There are days when you really have nothing to do…so what better thing can you do than stare at food all day? You get to stare at amazing photos and gain 0 calories. You can probably spend a good chunk […]

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Dating & Relationships

Dr. Wooo: The Friend Zone

Posted  October 14, 2011  by  Mark Woo

Back by “popular” demand, Dr. Wooo will try to be consistent with his relationships articles. If you haven’t read my first Dr. Wooo article, 5 Tips for Long Distance Relationships, go read it now! Today’s article is on the Friend Zone. (If you are comfortable with your friendship with the opposite sex, by all means […]

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B.C.’s Current Wave: Olympic-Sized Dreams for Province’s Stars

Posted  September 6, 2013  by  Recultured Team

B.C’s hockey future might be on the upswing, but that doesn’t mean the current stars don’t have gas left in the tank. Check out how B.C players project to fit in to Canada’s Olympic team plan.

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The Four Most Underrated TV Shows

Posted  February 10, 2014  by  Recultured Team

Unfortunately, there are plenty of TV shows that have short-lived their life spans. There are also a bunch that are not fully appreciated. I will shed some light on a few shows in which I believe are underrated.

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