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March 23, 2012

Pink Shirt Day: Bullying Stops Here

I believe many of you have experienced or witnessed bullying in your life. The feeling of being bullied or the inability  to help the bullied kid really sucks. Although most schools have rules that punishes the act of bullying, however, bullying happens in many different forms and places that are usually unsupervised.

With so many bullying going on, an event called Pink Shirt Day was established with the vision of drawing greater awareness to bullying.

Pink Shirt Day is an event that happens on the last Wednesday of every February that encourages everyone to wear pink to express their stance against bullying. This event was launched by CKNW radio station in 2011. Since the event had started, different activities associated with “Pink” arose to show further support against bullying.

Pink cupcakes sold by Take 5 cafe to raise donation for CKNW’s non-profit Orphan Fund

Players from Vancouver Giants showing their support


Anti-bullying starts now

CTV showing off their pink flare

Pink Shirt Day was inspired by two high school boys from Novia Scotia who distributed pink t-shirts and tank tops to students in school to protest against the bullying of a grade 9 student. With such a united wave of pink force expressing their stance against bullying, the bullying finally stopped.

Thinking back to the numerous cases of kids committing suicide because of bullying, I really hoped more peaceful protests against bullying like the one above could appear in more schools.

The event gets more exciting as a high school in Richmond did a flash mob in Aberdeen Centre to express their stance against bullying.

For more information visit Pink Shirt Day’s official website.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting this, Hsing! I really like the purplish-pink-lit CTV table. My workplace promoted Pink Shirt Day as well and encouraged staff to wear pink. It was heartwarming to see young boys in the after school drop-in at my workplace wearing pink shirts even before Pink Day occurred. 

    I think that Pink Day should be extended to a longer-term project, as opposed to a one-day event, where students can engage in the discourse of bullying and sexism on a more regular basis.

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