September 2, 2013

Neat Tips and Tricks: Goodbye Fuzz Balls!

Falls coming near, sweaters and jackets seasons will soon be here. Washing and drying those clothes can sometimes leave annoying lint on them.

Have you ever worn any clothing with lint on them that didn’t look too pleasant? One time, I was wearing this pair of snuggling fabric shorts to school, not realizing there were extremely obvious fuzz balls around the bottom area. Now, that was pretty embarrassing, but the embarrassing part was not that it was unpleasant-looking but having someone point that out. So ever since, I always make sure there is no lint on my clothes, at least not on my bottom.

Check out these two simplest ways to get rid of fuzz balls. (Also preventing embarrassing moments.)

Method 1: Lint Remover

lint remover

Photo credit: Marjorie Lipan

One of the easiest and simplest ways to remove lint is to get a lint remover. Instead of using your fingers and slowly picking the fuzz balls off the sweater, or grabbing tape and trying to tape them off, lint removers solely detach them from each other. Not to mention, they are quite affordable, from a range of five dollars and up. Now, depending where you live, you can probably find them in a department store. Even if they are nowhere to be found, we have the Internet by our side! If interested, please click the following links at ebay, Amazon, and Walmart, to check out the items.


Method 2: Old fashion shaver


Photo credit: Linda

Maybe you are lazy like me and don’t want to grab batteries for a lint remover, or you happen to have no batteries. What you can do is to take a manual shaver, doesn’t matter from whom, and basically scrape those fluff balls off the clothes. Method 1 and 2 give the same effect because they are both essentially removing the lints by cutting.

Big Tip


Photo credit: Sasha Trubetskoy

Whether you are using the Lint remover or the Old fashion shaver method, always remember to never press down too hard on the fabric, or else you may potentially rip a hole since both tools contain a small blade to do the cutting. Thus, pressing lightly and scraping should do the trick.

Do you have a different way of removing those fuzz balls? Let us know by commenting below!


Featured Image Photo Credit: Bruce Bortin


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