November 4, 2011

John Casablancas – The Answer to Friendly and Cheap Hair Services

Have you ever paid $20, $30, $40, or more for a hair cut or colour, only to leave dissatisfied with the result? Have you ever wished you could find a hair salon that charges a more reasonable price for hair services?

Disclaimer: John Casablancas’ hair students may be better at cutting girls’ than guys’ hair. According to my brother, who went to JC for a cut, the students were inexperienced and took 1.5 hours to do a buzz cut. Guys: you can still try JC and maybe get a better student, but no guarantees. Sorry for the disappointment. 

Look no further than John Casablancas Institute, a world renowned hair, makeup, fashion design, and beauty school! As a loyal customer of John Casablancas (JC) since 2008, I have had my hair done there numerous times for cuts, trims, colour, and style (for occasions such as a night out, parties, prom, and my graduation ceremony as well as simply because I wanted a good hair treatment). Here are several reasons why you should make a hair appointment at JC the next time you want your hair lookin’ fabulous!                                                1) Friendly Service

Friendly customer service from beginning to end. The main office receptionist that takes your hair appointment has the most welcoming and enthusiastic voice you’ll ever hear! Also, before performing the hair service, the hair student will usually remove your coat for you and store it aside, then proceed to chat with you to make your experience at JC more enjoyable!

2) Cheap Pricing

Where can you get a good cut for $10 in Vancouver these days? For $10 (HST and tips exempt) at JC, not only can you get your hair styled for free when you get a cut, but you can always go back to JC to get your bangs (not the entire hair) trimmed/cut for FREE! What’s more, if you feel dissatisfied with the result of your cut or colour, you can book another appointment to have your hair re-done.

3) Satisfying Results

Although the JC hair students may not replicate the exact same style or cut that you wanted (who can, really?) and they may take longer to do your hair than professional hairdressers, I usually feel fairly satisfied with the students’ job. And I often get compliments about my hair! The students really ensure that they don’t cut too much off and always ask about your satisfaction level with their work. Before anything is done to your hair, the student consults the hair instructor first about the look/style that you want. To ensure that your hair needs are met, the instructor tries to select hair students that are relatively competent in what you want done, such as an up do or colour. However, since the students’ experiences vary for cuts, it’d be wise to ask for more experienced students when you’re making the appointment to ensure your cut is done right. The instructor does, fortunately, circulate the salon at all times to maintain quality control.When I leave the salon, I always feel great with my shiny, smooth, and pleasant-smelling locks.

4) Great Ambiance

The ambiance is really mellow and the decor is urban (think New York-esque interior brick walls). You’ll feel relaxed in no time! There’s always music playing and the hair students usually ask if you’d like to read a magazine (to pass time).


  • Bring a photo or drawing of the cut or style you’d like done (to ensure maximum satisfaction of the result)
  • Remember to pay $10 in cash (JC doesn’t accept credit or debit); if you forget to bring cash, there is an ATM machine nearby for your convenience
  • Make a hair appointment to secure a spot!

Hope you enjoy your hair experience at John Casablancas and do share your experience with us in the comments box!  Feel free to give me a shout if you’ve any questions!


Phone number: Book your hair appointment at 604-629-1602

Address: #100-220 Cambie St. (In Gastown—several blocks away from the Waterfront Skytrain Station)

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