May 5, 2012

JR- The Street Art Activist

“cannot make the world a better place, but can change it”
— JR
JR, a photographer and artist …. The first time i’ve heard about JR was from Ted talk when a friend showed me a video of him from the 2011 TED prize winner video. Many of you may not be familiar with his name, but may have seen some of his work on the news or at the art exhibit. Most of his well known work consists of posting grayscale photographic images onto stairways, buildings and rooftops. What is unique behind the photographs is that the people . Instead of speaking out his thoughts, JR let the people who are affected by the issues to convey the messages themselves… The messages are sometimes conveyed in humurous and fun ways, for example, in his Face to Face project that aimed to lessen the tensions between Israelis and Palestanians, ……..

Face to Face project photos posted on the separation wall between Israel and Palesntine



JR at Ted Talk:

Although many of JR’s work gets taken off by the authority since he doesn’t usually ask for permission to post the artworks, however, ….When street art….. it becomes a creative platform for individuals to create positive changes. It also provides an alternative world view, which allows us to from the mass media’s persasiveness messages.

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