September 16, 2013

Neat Tips and Tricks: Stop Those Slippery Hangers

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Written by: Recultured Team
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Do you have some old clothing lying around your house that you don’t wear anymore? And do you find searching for good slip proof hangers bothersome? Every time I shopped in a department store, I would grab a stack of non-slip hangers, then put them back. Sometimes I would pick a pretty and durable stack of hangers, but at the same time it was very expensive. Then other times, I would choose a cheaper one but start worrying about its capability and stability. All these issues vanished after I learned these neat tips and tricks on how to make your own slip proof hangers from Kin Community and AndreasChoice. Not to mention, this DIY is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly!


Heat and Socks Method

Photo credit: Lindsey Turner

Step 1: Grab any type of unused fabric or clothing that you don’t wear anymore (e.g. T-shirts, dresses, etc.).

  • Pants, denim, and any kind of bumpy fabrics are not recommended.
  • Smooth surface fabrics should work just fine.
  • I personally find that cotton types of fabrics work perfectly.
Heat and Socks Method

Photo credit: Debra

Step 2: Start cutting them into 1 inch wide strips.

  • The width of the strips is adjustable depending on your personal preference on the final look of the product. Experience is the key; I personally cut mine smaller than an inch because, to me, that way looks prettier.
  • For cotton fabrics, keep in mind that they are stretchable. Therefore, elongating those strips before Step 3 will give you a better idea of the end look.
Heat and Socks Method

Photo credit: scienceatlife

Step 3: You can either tie a knot on the hanger (anywhere is fine, I usually start at the triangle top of the hanger) or use glue (e.g. E-6000, quick glue, etc.) to attach the strip and the hanger together.

Heat and Socks Method

Photo credit: David Goehring

Step 4: Wrap it around and around until you near the end.

  • Once again experience is the key, I tend to find that keeping the strips tight and compacted give it a nice look.

Step 5:  When you are almost at the end of the strip. You can tie the end of the strip with a new one and continue on. Or use glue to secure the end then repeat step 3.

  • Remember you don’t always have to use the same style of fabric. Play around with the colours and see what one can make.

Photo credit: Linda

Step 6: Repeat Step 3 to Step 5 until everything is wrapped. And, it’s done!

  • For those who use glue, let it dry before use.

Personally, I think this DIY is brilliant. I not only save myself some money that can be spend on other things, but it also gives me a great feeling for being environmental friendly. Another thing I love about this DIY is that you can be creativity on how you want to design your own hanger. For example, instead of covering the entire hanger, you may select specific spots to be slip proof. Now you are saving your time, material, and cash.

Try it out and let us know how it worked for you!
What’s your way of neat tips and tricks on stopping those slippery hangers?


Image Featured by: Jon Jordan

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