April 22, 2013

The Fashion of the 2013 Vancouver Sun Run


This past Sunday, April 21st, was the annual Vancouver Sun Run. Paul Kimugul of Nairobi, Kenya won the Men’s Division with a time of 29:04. Natasha Fraser of Port Moody, and former SFU student, won the Women’s Division with a time of 32:42. But there’s more than one way to have your “photo-finish”. While Paul and Natasha looked great in their athletic wear, there were a few other people who stood out.

The Peace Sign

A lot of people opted for the classic peace sign when crossing the finishing line. It’s simple, effortless, and shows you’re an advocate for world peace at the same time! The peace sign often makes its appearance in our photos whenever we want to do something but we aren’t entirely sure what, then suddenly we find our hands reaching towards the sky and- peace out!

A runner wearing Boston's colours opts for the peace sign.

A runner wearing Boston’s colours opts for the peace sign.

A second runner opts for the peace sign.

Flips and Tricks

Maybe you were a gymnast at some point in your life, do something fancy at the finish line! While a back flip may be hazardous to other competitors if you don’t have enough room between other runners and yourself, a handstand is definitely a good idea if you can do it!


Stand Out with Neon

In a race, you can’t go wrong with bright neon colors. You’ll pop out amongst the crowd and the grey asphalt. Also, the fashion police won’t write you up for blinding the public… at least, on this occasion.


Costumes Galore

Buy a costume! In a race where you are one amongst tens of thousands of people, it’s a good thing to stick out like a sore thumb. At this year’s Sun Run, a caveman, and The Gingerbread Man were seen! Another option you could consider is getting an animal onesie! It’s one of the few chances to show everyone your favourite onesie pajamas, which normally don’t leave your house!


Sometimes cavemen don’t want to paint cave drawings, sometimes cavemen want to race marathons!


Run run as fast as you can, at the Sun Run we saw the Gingerbread Man!

Superhero Costumes

Be a crime-fighter by night, and marathon runner by day! Superheros are some of (comic book) society’s biggest inspirations, so why not consider donning the cape and the cowl! Your new superpowers could help you fly through the course, as exemplified by Vancouver’s finest, Superman!


Superman may or may not have used his super speed to beat the gentleman beside him here.

Everyone’s Favourite



There is a certain man who wears a black glasses, and red and white stripes. He is often hard to spot amongst a crowd…


There’s Waldo!

There he is! Waldo is a great idea when deciding how to dress for a race. It’s not very hard to pull off, and it’s bound to be a fun time for yourself and others! Once people see you, they can make jokes all day about “Where’s Waldo”. This Waldo was certainly happy to be running!

We Are Boston Strong

Actor Sean Astin, known for acting in movies such as The Lord of the Rings, and The Goonies, was in town for the Fan Expo, but also ran in the Sun Run. He sported a Boston jersey with “#Run3rd” stitched on the back, representing the international running campaign whose statement is to “run first for me, second for family, and third for a you”.


Sean Astin finishing the Sun Run


The back of Sean Astin’s Boston jersey

Sean Astin was not the only one running for Boston on Sunday. The colors of blue and yellow were noticeably prominent in the crowd of Sun Run participants Leading up to the main event, organizers tweeted asking participants to don Boston’s colours in honour of the those affected by the recent events of the Boston Marathon. Vancouver heeded the call, and the crowd was a sea of blue and yellow.



So, which ideas do you like enough to steal for your outfit at your next race? Don’t forget to break out your prize-winning smile! And of course, just remember to have fun!

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