September 27, 2013

High-End Vs Drugstore: Is There Any Difference?


Yves Saint Laurent is not only a clothing brand, but also a makeup brand that offers consumers high-end makeup at a cost. For a full face look created with just YSL makeup it would cost nearly as much as one university textbook (over $100). Yet it may come as a surprise to know that L’Oreal owns YSL makeup. L’Oreal is the world’s largest beauty company and aside from owning various high-end makeup brands, they are known more for their drugstore makeup brand L’Oreal.

Given the fact that both YSL and L’Oreal are two makeup brands that come from the same parent company, and the makeup is produced in the same factory, would this make a difference between the quality of product? I put it to the test by comparing the brands’ two top selling lip products that are near identical in concept.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Shine Stains are similar in concept to YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stains. However, the difference between these two products may just be the price tag with the YSL Glossy Stain costing $34, and the L’Oreal Shine Stain costing $9.99. How would the two hold up to a full day of wear? And could the L’Oreal stain be a dupe for the YSL stain?

After having worn both products for a full day of 12 hours without any reapplications on two separate days, the differences may not just be the price tag, but the pigmentation. The formulation of both products is the same, as is the staining that was left on the lips, which lasted for both the full 12 hours. It came down to the pigmentation being the big difference between the two as the L’Oreal Stain in one coat held very little pigmentation and was much more sheer in colour, but after a few coats it became pigmented. In contrast to the YSL Stain, this in one coat was highly pigmented. The colour selected in the stains may also play a role as the deeper shades in the L’Oreal Stains are highly pigmented, unlike their lighter shades. Yet all the YSL stains are highly pigmented even the lighter shades. With the difference not just being price, but also pigmentation, YSL does offer a better product in one swipe, but L’Oreal is buildable in pigmentation and costs a fraction of the price of YSL.

Personally as a student I would go for the L’Oreal one considering how much more affordable it is, and building up the pigmentation was not an issue for me. However, if I did splurge I would go out and buy the YSL as a little goes a long way, but with a budget of a university student the L’Oreal one is my personal winner.


Featured Image: By Andres Hernandez via Wikimedia Commons

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