December 5, 2011

Recovery Accessories- Embellishing the Taiwanese Street Culture

A moment becomes a piece of memory while words under wisdom becomes a classic phrase”

– Recovery 2011

Established since 2009, Recovery, a Taiwanese accessory brand, has been renown for its accesssories’ underlying values that rethinks the taken-for-granted beliefs of life. For the previous seasons, they have incorporated various symbolic elements into their design concepts such as the anchor, St. Maria Goretti and the bull head skull to express the attached meanings behind each of their accessories. The newest sysmbolic element for their Autumn/Winter collection is Justitia (the Roman Goddess of Justice) that expresses the value of hidden truth under the impartial eyes of Lady Justice.

St. Maria Goretti Neckalce S/S Collection 2011

Justitia Neckalce A/W Collection 2011

Design concepts of the Justitia necklace

Extending the traditional image of accessories beyond fashionionable statements, Recovery has embellished Taiwan’s street culture with layers of meanings to life.

Release. Pursuit. Recover- Recovery

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