February 28, 2014

Why Pink is Manly for Men

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Written by: Recultured Team
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Pink may seem like a feminine colour, but is it really?

From the very moment that you’re born, the gender ideology is applied. People usually associate a colour like blue to be masculine, while pink, on the other hand, is feminine. In society’s view, it is more acceptable for women to wear blue than it is for men to be dressed in pink. If a guy wears pink, it is possible that he could be labelled as a homosexual by appearance alone, mainly because as we grow up, these gender ideologies are instilled into us by others and the media. Men wearing pink, whether because they just don’t simply care or because they’re standing up and making a statement by going against the social norm, is actually manly.

As little kids, boys might get picked on by their classmates if they are wearing or are affiliated with the colour pink. One could be called a girl or even be referred to as gay, as an insult or joke by others. Both of these intentions are misleading since it implies that there is something wrong with a boy wearing pink, when in fact there isn’t. Marginalizations like these may deter boys from buying and dressing in pink in the future so they will seem more masculine and be able to avoid being teased.

In my opinion, it is brave for a man to embrace the colour pink and not fear being misjudged about his manliness and sexual preference. Just because the greater majority think that it’s feminine, that doesn’t mean that the individual is so. Who knows, maybe more people wearing pink could even help reduce the stigma that it has for being a girly colour. Also, there is an anti-bullying event where anyone can wear a pink shirt to create an awareness and reduce the amount of bullying. If you’re interested, more information about that could be found at All that said, in regards to men, pink is manly.


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