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January 17, 2012

The Key To Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution…Looking Great at The Gym

Once January 1st rolls around most people focus on their goals for the New Year. If you haven’t noticed weight watchers advertisements are on high rotation; they know that everyone’s resolution is to get in shape and eat better. As an avid gym goer this is the worst time of year for me because it is not until around Valentine’s Day that the new year’s resolution people give up and I can exercise in peace. Personally I am a firm believer in a balanced lifestyle which involves eating well and exercising on a regular basis but a new year’s resolution is a great incentive to motivate people and I have a key tip that I think will keep all you new year’s resolutioners on track. The most important factor that helps me stay in shape is having comfortable and flattering gym clothes. There is nothing worse than running in a baggy t-shirt that is weighed down with sweat or constantly pulling up gym pants so they do not expose my rear end while doing squats. All my gym clothes are functional and aesthetically pleasing. I want to be able to move easily and look presentable even though I am sweating my buns off. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable at the gym, I know I won’t have a good work out. It is hard enough letting people see you sweat in public you might as well try to look good while doing it.

I love Lululemon pants. Lulu’s also come with a convenient pocket to put my gym key in. I am partial to capris. I usually like the legging style because there is not access fabric which can be bothersome when working out. I love anything with a four way stretch, I feel like lulus have a way of hugging my body perfectly so I never have to fidget in my gym clothes or make sure that I do not expose anything I did not want to expose.

I adore Champion sports bras. They come in fun colors and they offer great support. I will usually throw on a black or white exercise top and let the colour of the sports bra pop out. Champion is good because they are relatively cheap, the fabric is very comfortable and they absorb sweat really well.

For exercise shirts I try to stick to ones with a wick-able fabric, that way there are no embarrassing sweat stains. I usually look for a slim but loose fitting tops so I can still move but I do not feel like I am sewn into them. It is the worst feeling overheating at the gym so I usually got for a racerback or tank top style. I like built in bras to give me extra support. Lululemon, Nike or Stella McCartney for Adidas all make great work out tops that are both cute and functional.

The key to sticking to working out I feel is being comfortable at the gym. If you feel like you look good then you feel better. There is nothing like ending a work out early due to some embarrassing sweat stains. Feeling better about your body starts by being comfortable in your own skin and the proper outfit has a great way of doing this.

New Years Resolution Workout Wear

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