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So you wanna buy a coffee

Posted November 13, 2014 by Amy Tucker

Are you in the need for a caffeine fix but intimidated by the foreign language spoken at coffee shops? Or are looking for cheaper drink options that still pack a punch? Or do you just wanna know what I’ve been drinking? Read this article, and let us know your favorite Starbucks drink!

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The History of Pearl Milk Tea

Posted November 9, 2011 by hsingyu808

Bubble tea, 珍珠奶茶, or pearl milk tea whatever you call it has always been one of the most popular drinks in Vancouver. Yet, have you ever wondered where it came from? Well first, I think it might be helpful if I first explained how bubble tea gets its name. The “ancestor” of bubble tea originated [...]

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Meat & Bread
Food & Drinks

Meat & Bread Review

Posted October 15, 2011 by Rafael De Mesa

Meat & Bread is a sandwich shop on Cambie near Victory Square. As soon as you walk in, usually one of the owners will greet you at the door and let you know what’s on their menu for the day. The menu is short with only 4 specialty sandwiches: the Porchetta, the Meatball, the Grilled [...]

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