May 7, 2012

Is “Slip of the Click” the New “Slip of the Tongue”?

If only CTRL + Z existed in real life…

Let the /facepalming and /headdesking begin. Raise your hand if you’ve done at least one of these things:

  1. Hitting ‘Reply All’ when you really only meant to address one of the tens or hundreds of other recipients about a personal or confidential matter via email.
  2. Notifying the recipient within the body of an email to find a file or document attached …only to realize you had forgotten to attach it in the first place.
  3. Hitting ‘Send’ for an email, text message, or instant message and noticing only seconds after your message has been sent that you made a blaring grammatical error or typo, as such:
  4. Leaving Caps Lock on throughout the duration of a conversation and making yourself come across as either a very passionate, vocal, or angry person.
  5. Entering a winky-faced emoticon instead of a regular smiley, suddenly turning the whole conversation that much more awkward and making yourself appear super creepy.
  6. @ mentioning yourself on Twitter or even worse, @ mentioning no one when you meant to and thus making an ambiguous comment or inadvertently posing a rhetorical question.

It’s okay, don’t be too hard on yourself. Slip-ups like these happen to the best of us. So long as you acknowledge your faux pas and correct yourself in a timely manner, then it’s all gravy.

All you can do is address it, fix it, and laugh it off. Just be careful what you click on next time!

What is the most embarrassing ‘slip of the click’ you have committed from personal or professional experience? What was the reception of it and how did you cope? Anecdotes are welcome in the comment box below!

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