October 13, 2011

4 Chrome extensions for productivity, blogging, and then some

I have always had an affinity for the many tools and technologies that Google has to offer. Google Chrome is currently set as the default web browser on my desktop and within it lies a marketplace full of neat applications and extensions. Being the Google fan that I am, I thought I would share some of my favourite extensions that are available in the Chrome Web Store.

There exist a plethora of apps and extensions to choose from, for whatever purpose you desire. Whether it be entertainment, social, blogging, music, you name it! The ones I’m going to be talking about are helpful web tools conducive to productivity, blogging and online communication purposes.

Lightshot (screenshot tool)

Get it here.

For the longest time, I relied solely on the Prt Scr (Print Screen) key -located at the top right hand corner of my keyboard – to take digital shots of my current screen view. From there, I would go through all the trouble of pasting it onto the archaic Paint program and do some further cropping.

And then I discovered Lightshot.

With over 45, 000 users, this tool definitely comes in handy when you want to capture segments of a page. Its intuitive design attributes to its user-friendly interface, making it easy for people to navigate through. What’s more is that it gives you the option to instantly save, edit, or share your screen shot right then and there! No unnecessary pop-ups are needed to prompt those actions.

Here’s a screen shot I recently took with the help of this extension. (Look familiar?)

A screencap of the Recultured homepage within a Recultured blog post. Can I say Blog-ception?

The only setback that I’ve run into thus far is that it is only compatible with Windows. Sorry, Mac users. Windows users – you’re welcome.

Cortex (sharing utility)

Get it here.

The two words that make up this sharing platform’s slogan say it all: Share fast.

Circulating media resources such as articles, images, videos and more around the web takes seconds with this nifty utility. By connecting your various social platforms, Cortex allows you to share them with your friends and followers seamlessly with just two simple clicks and hitting Enter.

Although it seems to have only garnered just over 12, 000 users, I’m certain this tool will be taking everyone by storm in no time.

Cortex – Share fast (URL shortener)

Get it here.

Have you ever found yourself  itching to shorten a page’s ridiculously lengthy URL and share it in the most expedient way possible? Look no further. With this extension, you’re able to “shorten, share and track links with your bitly account, right from your browser!”

bitly in action.

The beauty of bitly is that it not only serves as a shortening and sharing tool; it also acts as an analytic tool which lets you analyze the stats of the links you have shortened and shared. Neat-o!

Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail (self-explanatory)

Get it here.

I personally think that all Gmail users should, if they haven’t already, install this extension. Right now.

If you’re busy working on several tasks at once and can’t afford to open up another tab and log in (because that obviously takes up a lot of your precious time) this tool helps notify you of new email messages instantaneously.

Notification preview – You've got mail!

It alerts you of a new message with a cute little pop up in the corner of your screen, along with a catchy sound notification which are settings that can be easily customized. You can quickly check your email in the midst of your work session with barely any interruption.

With nearly half a million users utilizing this extension, it’s clearly a must-have.

I’m constantly browsing through the Chrome Web Store, always on the look out for new and noteworthy apps and extensions. If you’re an avid Chrome Store shopper and have any recommendations, please do share! And if you happen to have taken my advice to heart and have tried out one of the four abovementioned extensions, I’d also love to hear your thoughts on them.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the online catalogue now!

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  • Mac FTW! Mac users can just command+shift+3 or Command+shift+4. No extension needed.

    In terms of anti-productivity, you should get Stumble Upon. You could spend hours on that. 

    • Haha! Been meaning to try out Stumble Upon. There’s lots of good stuff out there for sure.

  • Great post, Anneliese! I’m a Firefox dude, but I use Chrome sometimes. I’ll have to look into these extensions. 🙂

    • Thanks, Kelvin! I’m the opposite – primarily a Chrome gal, occasional Firefox user. 😛

      Let me know what you think of them, or if you come across even better alternatives!

  • Anonymous

    I read this article when it was first posted (over 2 months ago) and installed the extensions that  you recommended (Lightshot and, but didn’t use Chrome regularly until 2 weeks ago. And I must say, it’s super awesome–much better than the outdated Internet Explorer that used to be my default browser. I’m a Google fan too (Gmail, etc.) but didn’t realize why there was so much hype about Chrome until I gave it a chance! =P It’s super user-friendly and offers faster and easier browsing. Thanks for the post, Anneliese! 

    • Thanks for your comment. And you’re very welcome. Happy to see you’re enjoying Chrome as much as I do!

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