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November 17, 2011

Top Ten of the World’s Most Powerful People – Forbes

If you have ever wondered who controls the world we have today, Forbes recently put together a list of the 70 most powerful people in the world. Here is a shortened list of the top ten.

1. Barack Obama (President) – USA
2. Vladimir Putin (Prime Minister) – Russia
3. Hu Jintao (President) – China
4. Angela Merkel ( Chancellor) – Germany
5. Bill Gates (Co-Chair) – Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
6. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud (King) – Saudi Arabia
7. Pope Benedict XVI (Pope) – Roman Catholic Church
8. Ben Bernanke (Chairman of Federal Reserve) – USA
9. Mark Zuckerberg (Founder) – Facebook
10. David Cameron (Prime Minister) – United Kingdom

The top ten list of the world’s most powerful people is not surprisingly dominated by the leaders of various countries. However, two harvard dropout tech giants stand out from within the mix.

Bill Gates



You may find that Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates, being near the top of this Forbes’s list as no surprise, which in a sense is true, since he tops a few of Forbes’s other rankings too. This time however, his powerful influence on the world comes not from his immense wealth created from Microsoft, but from his new focus on developing and distributing vaccines which puts him at number 5 on this list. With his new Malaria vaccine now undergoing clinical trials, he may very well achieve his goal of eliminating infectious disease as a major cause of death in his lifetime.

Mark Zuckerberg




With our lives dominated by social media and most notably Facebook, it is no wonder that Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, sits among world leaders as one of the world’s most powerful people. For those who use Facebook frequently, no explanation is really needed to describe his influence and control on today’s generation. You may even want to ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ this post on Facebook afterwards too!


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