March 21, 2014

My Top Five Desert Island Games

I tried to be logical about what games I would want with me if I were to be stranded on a desert island. I figured that I would need a portable system rather than a number of consoles and televisions, it just makes sense. I have been in love with my PlayStation Vita since I got it and thanks to a large catalogue of old PlayStation One games, and PSP games, on top of the Vita games, I thought I would limit my list to what I could put on my Vita. That being said, here are the games that I would want to keep me company on a desert island, enjoy!


Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics is one of my all-time favourite games. I have a long history with this one and have put hundreds upon hundreds of hours into it since it came out fifteen years ago. The story itself is somewhat nonsensical and doesn’t really matter all that much; the game is all about coming up with the best group of characters to do battle with and level them up endlessly. There are so many different ways to organize your battle party in this strategy RPG classic that I could play this thing for another couple hundred hours. This is an easy addition to the list that is for sure.

Strategy-RPG at it's best. Image belongs to Square Enix.

Strategy-RPG at it’s best. Image belongs to Square Enix.


This is easily the newest game on the list and while I am new to it, I can see myself playing this game non-stop for the foreseeable future. Spelunky is essentially a platformer where you are an Indiana Jones-type adventurer who goes into mines and jungles, searching for treasure and the lost City of Gold. This is a rogue-like game, where the levels are always randomly generated and it is incredibly tough. Due to never knowing what is going to come- ever, this is something that I’ll probably never get sick of. It has already gotten a lot of play on my Vita and I am certain it will continue to do so, especially if I were stranded somewhere.

The insanity that is Spelunky.

Patapon 2

This game consumed a large chunk of my time on the PSP. Essentially it is a rhythm/strategy/RPG where you take control of your little Patapons, equip them with weapons and abilities and take on levels, monsters and bosses. To do this your commands are rhythm based inputs that need to be consistently timed to be successful. The music is catchy, the style is adorable, and there is so much to unlock this is another game that you can easily come back to time and time again.

The catchy tunes and cute characters never get old in Patapon 2.

Resident Evil: Director’s Cut

Perhaps choosing a survival-horror game isn’t the best idea when one is stranded on an island, but this game has been one of my most favourite games for as long as I can remember. The graphics seem laughable now, but this game is still incredibly tough and somehow the scares still scare even after all this time. There are so many memorable lines of dialogue and epic sequences, and really, you can’t go wrong with spending time with Barry Burton and Jill “the master of unlocking” Valentine.

Wow, what a mansion. Image belongs to Capcom.

Wow, what a mansion. Image belongs to Capcom.


Final Fantasy 6

This has been my number one, most-loved game for the last twenty years. That being said, I have a lot of history with this game. I originally got it on Super Nintendo and played it almost non-stop until I beat it the first time. The fact that you can get this on the Vita has been a happy surprise and it’s been so good to revisit the epic battle between the Returners and the Gestahlian Empire. The story has stuck with me through the years and it has the most memorable cast of characters in a video game hands down in my opinion. This is a game that I would not want to be without.

The iconic art of Final Fantasy 6. Image belongs to Square Enix.

The iconic art of Final Fantasy 6. Image belongs to Square Enix.


There are countless other games that I would list but this is easily my top five. Do any of you agree with these? Are these titles what you would put on your own list? Sound off in the comments below!

Featured image belongs to Sony.

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  • Great list!! I would add FFX HD. I was impressed with the vita port.

    • Zac LaRocque-Walker

      Thanks! I am digging FFX HD so far as well, but FF VI will probably always be my most favourite FF game. It never gets old, even 20 years later!

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