December 24, 2013

Best Videogames of 2013

It has been a fantastic year for gaming as we saw the release of the next-generation of consoles and the further rise of indie games. I have played a number of great games (and some awful ones) and am going to run down my top five games of the year. So let’s get to it shall we?


5) Rayman Legends (Nintendo Wii U, Playstation 3, Xbox 360)


Rayman Legends is gorgeous.

Rayman Legends was one of the games that originally had sold me on the Wii U, I just simply had to play this game. Then sadly it was announced that it would be delayed so it could come out on all platforms at the same time. I was definitely not happy with Ubisoft’s decision, and while the special demo they released helped things a bit, I just wanted to play it. Well now that it is out, it is easily one of the best 2D platformers ever. The style of the characters, the sumptuous levels and the controls are all great. Solo or multiplayer, this is something that everyone can enjoy, and now on any system.


4) Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine (Xbox 360, Mac, PC)


Prepare for the heist of your life with Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine.

This darling indie title came out of nowhere and entranced me with its simple yet colorful 8-bit style and intriguing stealth gameplay. You will notice that most of the games that I like to play are great either solo or playing with others, and this is no exception. When playing through Monaco you choose from one of a number of skilled criminal types, such as The Cleaner or The Locksmith and you work through a number of different levels which are essentially heists. It is truly addictive and if you can get together with some friends and play this on the couch, well it’s an even greater experience.


3) The Last of Us (Playstation 3)

The Last of Us. Image belongs to Naughty Dog.

The Last of Us. Image belongs to Naughty Dog.

Naughty Dog is one of the best game developers in the world and this year they finally released the much anticipated title The Last of Us. It was definitely worth the wait. The world that they have created is nothing short of spectacular and one that invites you in but also creates great levels of tension and fear, especially when facing the zombie-like, fungus infected creatures. Not only that, but having to deal with the remainders of humanity and those that are constantly trying to kill you, creates one of the scariest games in some time. Joel and Ellie are fantastic characters and the story is top-notch and hopefully on the PS4 we will see a sequel to The Last of Us.


2) Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo Wii U)


Super Mario 3D World. Image belongs to Nintendo.

Super Mario 3D World. Image belongs to Nintendo.

I covered this just recently in my review so I will keep this brief, but I can’t stop playing Super Mario 3D World. Whether I am playing solo and trying to get just one more star or stamp, or with friends, it is still holding up quite nicely. The funny thing is, when it was first announced I wasn’t that interested in it. Like many people I just wanted a new Super Mario Galaxy game and was a bit disappointed. Thankfully this has surpassed all expectations and is something everyone should be playing.


1) Fire Emblem Awakening (Nintendo 3DS)


Fire Emblem: Awakening. Image belongs to Nintendo.

Fire Emblem: Awakening. Image belongs to Nintendo.

One thing you should know about me is that I am a sucker for turn-based strategy games. Fire Emblem Awakening definitely impressed me and also consumed most of my travel-gaming time for the better part of the year. The timeless tale of good versus evil is present and the presence of fan-favorite hero Marth will keep you glued to your system for a long time. The addition of streetpass functionality, getting new units or trading with others is definitely what kept me playing. The battles are hard but addictive and you really grow attached to the characters throughout the game. Nothing about this game disappoints and if you like strategy or role playing games you need to play this one.


That sums up things for me, what games are on your list? What did you enjoy this past year?


Featured image belongs to Pocketwatch Games.

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