September 1, 2012

Hello, Facebook Timeline.

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Written by: Recultured Team
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If you’ve been a “Facebook hipster” like myself and have been doing all you possibly can to stealthily avoid clicking the Get Timeline Now button these past few months, you and your other Facebook hipster friends have likely been greeted by the new kind of profile these past couple of days…

I know, I know – I’m a little late to the Timeline party. Since Facebook’s new profile revamp first rolled out late last year, I have stubbornly refused to succumb to adopting it readily. But now that you no longer have a choice, you might as well learn a bit about what exactly it entails, right? If you hastily and/or accidentally clicked “End Tour” a moment too soon and missed the feature blurbs the first time around, here’s a quick breakdown on this ‘new kind of profile’.

Cover Photo: Hi-Res, Horizontal-preferred

Start with your cover. Your public cover photo appears above your profile picture, and it’s the first thing people see when they visit your timeline.

Pet Peeve: Disproportionate Cover Photos. Just saying.

Timeline Feature: Trip Down Memory Lane

Timeline is your collection of your top photos and posts, organized as they happened.

This feature is quite possibly the closest thing to time travel. Facebook gives you a week to get acquainted with this new kind of profile and iron out your settings and make your page presentable by giving you a week to make any tweaks before rolling it out to your friends.

Star/Hide: Accentuate or Mask


Add Xp: For Life’s Milestones

Add old photos to earlier dates on your timeline, or click Life Event to create stories about your most important moments

Ever planned on compiling a teenage years/high school/college scrapbook but never followed through with it? Well with this feature, Mark Zuckerberg says “you’re welcome“.

Activity Log: Review & Revise

Your activity log will list everything you’ve done on Facebook since the day you joined.

Hold up – from the moment I joined Facebook?

[“BRB, let me get the popcorn” meme]

And there you have it. If you’ve been an active part of the Facebook scene for a while, then you may have some cleaning up to do. Luckily for you, Facebook gives you a whole week to manage your online presence before officially publishing your spankin’ new profile and rolling it out for all your friends to see.

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