March 7, 2012

Sh*t ____ say

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Written by: Recultured Team
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To make this article sound a little bit more professional, according to Urban Dictionary the term “shit say” is defined as “a recent YouTube phenomenon where individuals don various outfits, drag, and/or other accessories in various scenarios with dialogue to make impressions of, and to poke fun at various group stereotypes”.

It all started with the Shit girls say video that was posted on YouTube in December. After that video, many parody and shit say video came out. There was even one on UBC and I was able to relate to most part.

Shit UBC say

Although most people take it as a joke, many have argued that these “shit say” videos are racist and sexist arguing that they perpetuate stereotypes. The Shit White girls say to Black girls video especially got many attention where you can spot many debates in the comments area on whether  it is racist or not.

After spending half of  my time procrastinating on these videos, I would have to say that there are literally thousands of these videos, so it is kind of hard to generalize. I would also like to comment that although some of these videos do try to make fun of stereotypes, but some are actually drawing awareness to these stereotypes that we may not realize because it is so ingrained in our everyday speech. Videos such as “Shit White girls say to Black girls” and “Shit white guys say to Brown guys” effectively point out the uncomfortable things that one ethnic group may experience from another. It was effective because they expressed it through an entertaining way that would get more people thinking about it.

Having said all these, Here’s two for Canada! Can’t really relate to the first one though…

What other Shit___ says video would you like to see on YouTube? 

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