November 2, 2011

GTA V Official Trailer Impressions


Grand Theft Auto, the franchise that set the standard for sandbox games as we know it, is coming back! After the critically acclaimed GTA IV and the two expansion games, Ballad of Gay Tony and the Lost and Damned, Rockstar finally gave us a glimpse of GTA V today. Check out the video below!

Don’t think that the 1:25 short time for this video is useless. Looking into the details, we can derive a lot about the upcoming game.

First and the obvious is that it will be set in a Los Santos, LA type modern day city. You’ll have access to a sprawling urban metropolis as well as some countryside. The graphics look to be the same engine as GTA IV with some impressive improvements. Fire looks awesome (burning car towards the end) and the streets look incredibly detailed with litter. Hopefully they worked out tons of kinks so it runs as smoothly as San Andreas did. I always thought GTA IV felt clunky.

Let’s go through this chronologically. What’s awesome is at the first scene at the beach, there is a dog. Now what’s so cool about a dog? There were no pets/animals ever in the GTA series before, so it seems like they included that aspect in the game. I’m smelling a PETA controversy all over this game already if you’re allowed to shoot a dog.

 There is going to be a golf course similar to Vice City, which will be awesome. Seeing on how the skyscrapers are far off in the horizon, I predict that GTA V is going to be MASSIVE in scale. Definitely a huge city, perhaps bigger than LA Noire’s LA along with countryside. (mountain hikers)

Like all GTA games, there will be nice cars, including finally a working convertible. After the convertible scene, it gets real interesting. The electric windmills scene shows a car driving along in what seems to be endless roads reminiscent from San Andreas back country days. The freeway sign afterwards says: Little Seoul (Korea Town LA comes to mind) as well as a Interstate sign to Los Puerta. This strongly suggests that there won’t be one city like GTA IV, but more than 1 city in GTA V!

You see a glimpse of the main character in this game at 0:39. He looks like a young Robert DeNiro. The trailer doesn’t explicitly tell us who’s talking (the main character) but it definitely is a new person, not Patrick O’Leary, not Niko, and definitely not CJ. If you look throughout the trailer you see this guy more than once. The voice sounds like a Caucasian. There’s him robbing something with 2 other guys and soon after driving a blue convertible. Pretty old if you ask me, but it’ll be a nice twist than the younger protagonists from previous GTAs. (UPDATE: Some are speculating it’s an older Tommy Vercetti. If it is, that will be epic)

1:01 is the best part of this trailer in my opinion. It shows that GTA V will have (possibly player flyable) airplanes! I’ve missed airplanes in GTA IV and it’ll be awesome to jet around and parachute in the upcoming game.

What do you think about the trailer? Comment below!!

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