February 4, 2014

Cosplayer, year in review

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Written by: Recultured Team

Yuuchul is a local cosplayer originally from the Philippines. An accounting student at Kwantlen University, her interests are photography and graphics design, but most of all she loves to cosplay.

Her appearances in costume have all been in BC since she started in 2007 but is planning to go to more American conventions and Asian ones also.

These are all her appearances in 2013, compiled in chronological order along with other stuff.

KiritoSword Art Online , (Sakura Con)

A forest shoot game look of Kirito and Silica, photograph by: Elvin Lai

CHAR , photograph by: Elvin Lai

Actually, I didn’t plan to cosplay from Sword Art Online and I watched only maybe a couple episodes of it. But one of my best friends asked me if I can be Kirito to her Asuna. I agreed to it first because I haven’t cosplayed with her in a long time and I decided to give SAO another try. As I continued to watch, I began to notice and love Kirito as a character. He’s a bit of a loner but does care about others more than himself. And his relationship with Asuna really did make me like him. And since my friend and I played the whole “husband and wife” roles for a couple of years, it’s like we we’re gonna cosplay ourselves, haha!

What’s an Asuna ?

 Asuna is the female main char, Kiritos love interest. 



Melty Granite, Shining Hearts,

Melty Granite, self taken

Melty Granite, photograph by: Rulaxie

Melty Granite, photograph by: Rulaxie

Honestly, I thought she was really cute on how she wants to make the best ice cream that she can. And she’s a cute, female tsundere type too! I don’t have that much inspiration other than I wanted to try something different and Melty seemed to be the right fit. Cute, little and most importantly– female, haha!

What does ‘Tsundere’ mean?

“Tsundere is someone who has a cool, serious type of image and who doesn’t seem to care about others but they actually care for them a lot.”

Melty Granite

Could you go over (for us) the makeup and accessories you employed to achieve the character’s look( in real life )?

For Melty, I used a pale foundation, a coral pink blush and highlighter for the face. For the eyes, I did a mix of pink/purple/black eyeshadow colors to match with the character color scheme. Using black gel eyeliner, I did semi thick lines on the eyelids and the bottom with a downward extension at the outer corners. With the help of white pencil eyeliner, I used it at the inner corners and waterline of the eyes to make them bigger than they actually are. And semi thick falsies [fake eyelashes] for that doll look. For the lips, I used a nude color to reduce redness and make the lips look a bit smaller then made them pop with pink lipstick.

The costume was bought at the last moment. But I did the sewing for the ribbons on the gloves and socks with the help of my friends. The wig already came perfectly curled and waved to how I liked so I didn`t have to do much with it.

Wow thats awesome! Is the guideline for these visual effects from the pixels in the game or your interpretation of the what the character should look like (and would look like in real life)?

With make up, I have to think of how to incorporate the characters look to my own. It`s not like I can just copy it. Of course I have to adjust it to my own features


Kirito again, Anime Evolution (AE) , Sword Art Online

CHAR, photograph by:________,

So this was the 2nd time doing the same guy?

Was this the time at Anime Evolution when you where the cosplaying escort for Bryce Papenbrook ?

I was sure I already explained my job as an escort but I’ll have to explain that again I guess lol. Aniplex/American Cosplay Paradise was looking for a Kirito cosplayer to accompany Bryce during the event. The way it works is that you send a picture of yourself in the cosplay and they do a screening and choose the cosplayer. My job as the escort cosplayer (Kirito) is to accompany Bryce Papenbrook during the convention to his panels and his signing and assist him with everything he needs. It’s almost like being a representative for the series and it’s main character. It was also my job to take a picture with him when fans ask. It was pretty fun and tiring at the same time! I had a chance to hang out with a cool voice actor while cosplaying!

Do you have any pictures of you and Bryce together ?

Yuu with Bryce

Yuu with Bryce

 Cos&Effect , Taiga KagamaKuroko no Basuke

Taiga Kagami, photograph by _____

Originally, I wanted to cosplay Kise Ryota from the series. But my friends thought Kagami would suit me more and asked me to be Kagami to her Kuroko. It actually took me a whole year to finally cosplay him because I kept forgetting, haha. Later on, I got more into the series and realized how alike Kagami and I are. As a former basketball player, I could really relate to his determination. Kagami is a bit of an idiot whos straight forward and honest and knows how to cook! That’s why we call him “BaKagami.” His split eyebrows were also pretty interesting to me.

Kent, Amnesia

Kent, photograph by: ____

I was never the type to play or be interested in Otome games. One of my good friends showed me the game and the art to try and ask me to cosplay from it. Though honestly, at first, I only really liked the art style because it was gorgeous. The more my friend told me about Kent, the more interested I became in him. And out of all the characters in the game, despite his cool, serious type of image, he was the most caring and sweet out of all them. As a girl, of course I’d fangirl about it haha. He easily became my favorite out of the other male characters.

Munakata Reisi crossplay, guy K Project

Munakata Reisi, photograph by:________

He’s the kind of character I usually like. Cool, witty and a bit of a “tsundere.” I like seeing and cosplaying characters like him because it makes me feel as if I can be cool sometimes too. He’s another type of character that’s a bit of a loner and does care for others in his own way.

Anime Revolution (AR) , Ichinose Tokiya from Uta no Prince-sama

Ichinose Tokiya, photograph by: ____

 I’ve liked Tokiya first ever since I started watching Uta no Prince-sama! He’s another tsundere type of male character but this time, he’s the kind of person where he’s afraid to be himself despite how cool and popular he is in the series. I’ve come to enjoy watching him slowly get more comfortable with himself and with his friends. Watching him get flustered is actually quite cute because it contrasts his serious face. His voice also played a big part of why I love him (Miyano Mamoru is his actor) and his style of music. Believe it or not, sometimes I would play his songs while I sleep and they get me into an extremely happy mood whenever I listen to them, haha!

Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin

Levi, photograph by: _____

I heard about Shingeki no Kyojin but never once checked it out because it seemed like the kind of series I wouldn’t be into. A handful of my friends were going to cosplay. A friend of mine and I were talking about and she wanted me to cosplay with her. I told her there were too many of them and I wouldn’t even know who I would want to be. She told me, “I think you would suit the.. captain guy. He’s short, but really strong and cool!” I admit that it got me interested and decided to check out Shingeki no Kyojin for that character. I found myself liking the series more than I thought and when Levi popped out, he immediately became my favorite and wanted to cosplay him. (It turns out that he was the character my friend was talking about! Go figure, haha) Levi is the first character in awhile since Kanda Yuu from D.Gray-man that I really wanted to do well. I was so motivated that I even made the 3DMGs even though I don’t like and avoid trying to do props as much as possible. I was even picky about his hair and his clothes! I practiced my make up for him more than any of the other characters I have ever done. Maybe up to 10 times I changed my make up for him, I think? I just really wanted to make him perfect! He’s such an interesting character. He is a soldier and does whatever he is told. It doesn’t seem like he cares people’s lives but he does more than anyone. He doesn’t like having to risk others lives but if no sacrifices are made, there will be no change. Being short (that’s a first for me! I usually cosplay really tall male characters!) and him being a clean freak makes his serious character a bit quirky and like-able to me.

Munakata Reisi from K Project

Munakata Reisi, photograph by: ______

What was different about this time ?

Akimatsuri, Mikasa Ackerman from Shingeki no Kyojin

Mikasa Ackerman, photograph by _____

This is another one of moments where I wanted to try a female character. Mikasa in particular was a little hard. She’s feminine and masculine all at the same time. In battle, she’s the badass female character who you don’t want to mess with but off the battlefield, she’s quite feminine. So for me, it was difficult to find a balance. I decided to give her a try when my friends asked me to be Mikasa to their Eren and Armin for Akimatsuri

Well, I am a girl right? And I have been mostly just cosplaying men for the vast majority of my cosplay life. I feel that I don’t want to be just a one trick pony. I wanted to expand what I can do and challenge myself. For me, doing female characters are rather difficult since my features and body type work much better with the male characters since most female characters are quite petite and slender. It also makes me want to gain more confidence in myself being a girl outside of cosplay so that’s why for 2014, I’m more determined than ever to do my female cosplays well ^^

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