February 5, 2014

Album Review: Damage Control – Mat Zo

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Written by: Recultured Team

Are you one of those individuals who sees things happening in life for a reason? Well, if you are heres my story in one of the most refreshing albums I have encountered in a long time.

I actually came across this album out of chance when I got my first season pass to Whistler. I ended up meeting a few friends from a mutal friend and one of them ended up being Russian and really into a lot of cool music that I have never listen to before. He ended up playing some awesome music one night, everything from Russian rap/R&B to chillwave. Being a fan of all music and recently listening to a lot of trans, indie and electronic I was amazed when introduced to one artist he played.

So who was it??

Artist: Mat Zo

Album: Damage Control mat-zo-damage-control

This album does not disappoint. Although I have already grown a bit tired of it lately, the soul reason is because I listened to it so much. Being an avid snowboarder, a number of songs are fit. Also, if you are into the scene that I have been listening to (Bassnectar, Justice, Felix Cartel,  Phoenix, Zeds Dead, Swedish house Mafia, Mutemath, ____, just to name a few) then your going to get really excited for this album. Its not only explores tempos and Beats you may have heard before, it pushes limits and explores new boundaries one wouldn’t conceive. If you a fan of certain beats are certain songs, this album is for you. Although most of the album is intrmentual, it does still pack in some vocals and adds a little dynamic touch.

Drops are amazing. This is a patient album, they take time to built, but when they do, that don’t disappoint whatsoever.

Transitions are so sick.

If you don’t fully listen to each song you are appreciating and misunderstanding this album.

Like I said its w patient in album.

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