February 10, 2016

Fiona’s Food Adventures #1: Longtail Kitchen

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Written by: Recultured Team

Ahoy fellow food lovers! This is my first time stepping into the world of food blogging and I have to admit, I am incredibly excited to be finally contributing since I have always been a foodie at heart. Through those countless journeys scavenging for fresh, modern dining experiences in the heart of Gastown to the very depths of Chinatown eating authentic Shanghainese dumplings, I am happy to be sharing my colorful food adventures, starting with a hidden gem located in New Westminister’s River Market, Longtail Kitchen.

Have you ever traveled overseas and stumbled upon a street food vendor or a restaurant that serves amazingly delicious food that sadly, falls short in comparability to the same ethnic food found back at home? It is surely without a doubt, that some of us have wished we could simply pack along these delicacies to savour in the comforts of our home. But unfortunately, reality cannot always be paradise. That is why I was utterly surprised and ecstatic to have discovered Longtail Kitchen, a small casual restaurant serving a traditional taste of Thai street food accompanied with a modern touch. After paying a fruitful visit to Longtail Kitchen with some friends, I can officially call this restaurant my Thai getaway.

First Impression

Atmosphere: As I stepped into the restaurant, the words “fresh, trendy and hipster” ran across my mind. With its open stainless steel kitchen contrasted with light painted pastel walls and accented wooden furniture, the restaurant exuded a young and relaxing aura. Designed as a multifunctional kitchen, the place also contained a shelf of ingredients and spices to purchase as a mini shopping stop, as well as a open patio for those hot summer days.

Service: We were immediately greeted with smiles by the chef working behind the kitchen counter. Unlike many other restaurants that seat customers down with a menu, Longtail has its customers order their food from a menu written on old school black board, followed by paying. I do not believe this diminished the quality of service as it merely made transaction faster.

Seating: After ordering, my friends and I were nicely assisted to our table of choice. Seating is not the best I have had. Although a great touch to the restaurant design, wooden chairs or benches has never been a popular hit with me. Nevertheless, I was excited for the food to arrive.


Presentation: A modern take on authentic Thai street food was the presentation of it. Unlike traditional street food, served either on paper plates or Chinese-like paper boxes, Longtail presented their food on beautifully decorate porcelain plates and bowls.

Quality: The quality of food tasted as delicious as it looked! My friends and I ordered six dishes to share: chicken satays with peanut sauce, fried fish balls with sweet chili sauce, crispy oysters with

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