September 11, 2015

Ask Yourself Out on a Date

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Written by: Recultured Team

Yup, that’s right. You should politely ask yourself out on a date, and then enthusiastically say yes.

I know you have friends, and I’m sure you could find a date if you wanted to. But in this constantly connected world where our phones come out the second our friend heads to the washroom, because god forbid someone think we don’t have anyone to talk to, I think we need to hang out with ourselves a little more. So hear me out.

Think about any relationship you’ve ever had. It’s pretty great just to watch Netflix on the couch in your onesies, maybe with a bottle of wine or some frozen pizza in the oven. But there’s more to life, with places to see and people to meet, so you also go out. Dinner, a movie, some event at a bar, a walk on the beach, maybe a concert every once in a while. Self-love is so important, and everyone talks about “me time”, so why are so many people so hesitant to do these things alone?

A friend and I were talking about this recently, both being the types do things on our own. (In fact, we met at an event he was attending alone, while my friend was off in the extremely long bathroom line… I’m not one for buddy-system washroom trips). He was saying that spending quality time alone, away from the distraction of your computer or iPhone screen, means you actually have to like yourself. You have to be comfortable and able to keep yourself happy and amused without relying on anyone else, and that can be a scary task. I was saying that doing things alone, particularly things like going out for drinks or dinner or to an event, can be socially daunting because no one wants to appear lonely or like they don’t have any friends.


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