March 11, 2013

Concert Review: Maroon 5

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Written by: Recultured Team

– Adam’s facial expressions quirky dance moves had all the girls swooning “indulge me”
– Adam took opportunities to insert his own slick guitar riffs, something that was a first for me to see
– Neon Trees worked hard to put off a good performance but it was a little tough hearing the lead vocalist’s voice
– Owl City seemed to have a tough time drumming up support as most of the audience seemed unappreciative until they whipped out their old favourite, Fireflies
– interactive segment included separating the audience into two groups and creating an overlay of “she will be loved” and “I don’t mind spending every day, out on the corner in the pouring rain”
– Played to the audience by crossing this prop bridge to make the front row about halfway up the floor. How do the VIP kids feel about that up front?
– sore legs, hoarse voice, and ringing ears. It was definitely a concert to remember
– good balance of old and new songs, busting out the classics and inserting songs from their newest album, Overexposed, of the same name as their current tour
– lovely bang out with moves like jagger, and a clever Intro with payphone.
– everything was eerily on time, but that might just be because I`m used to being on the inside of unpredictable theatrical productions

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