October 12, 2013

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Written by: Recultured Team

Whenever I tried to tell my friends that I used to be a very shy girl during my first year of university, they always reply me with a very skeptical look.  Therefore, I always decide to stop there; not to tell everybody about my depression and anxiety at the first year of university. I might lead a satisfying life now, with tons of friends, working toward my academic and career goals. However, the transition to adulthood was very difficult process for me, and the most depressing thing was nobody knew about. I tried my best to act normal around others, leading others to believe everything is well in my life.

In reality, during the beginning of my university career, I was fighting with lots of depressing thought and I was often confused by the changes in the new environment. It was the first time that I left my family in California to live alone in Vancouver, and  I didn’t know why I could not lead a happy life like the others around me, moreover, why  I was always sad and lonely no matter how hard I tried.  In addition, I was confused about my own future, and the anxiety about all the decision making in the new stage of life. As an A student in high school, I had a difficult time concentrating on my schoolwork. Although I tried my best to deal with the situation, but the difficult seems to get greater each day.

As I look back, I realize that there were no answer to this question that depressed me, because I was just going through a transition to adulthood . I didn’t have enough knowledge to deal with the new and complicated situations around me.  I was sad and lonely because I didn’t know how to build intimate relationship with others in this new environment, in which there were all kinds of different people.  I was confused about my future, simply because I didn’t have much experience in life to make the satisfying choice for myself.

The transition to adulthood was quite harsh for me, but I learned many different lessons on the way.  I eventually learned to deal with the different academic and career choices, to build intimate relationship with the others around me. Most importantly, I learn to take life day-by-day, and build my own unique path. When I was younger, I always thought I could just be a “successful” adult once I left home for university.  However, until this day, I am still learning and absorbing lessons

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