March 15, 2014

Top 4 Reasons to Break-Out

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Written by: Recultured Team
Created in the 1980’s in New York, Bboying or “Breakdance” has appeared in pop culture, books, television shows, and movies. It’s an aggressive, playful, and high energy style of dance. As a previous Bboy, I’d like to share my top 5 reasons on why I think everyone should give it a try, especially for those who have no dance experience at all!
When we think of “breakdance” most people think of huge flips, out of control head spins and underground dance battles with Channing Tatum. Too be totally honest, it’s much more than that. For many, Bboying has become a subculture, and a way of life.
From it’s inception, the Bboying scene has evolved and expanded. Bboys and Bgirls can be found almost anywhere in the world. This community of dancers has built a a very open, friendly and chill environment that welcomes anyone to join.
So here are my top reasons that you should give “breakdance” a try.
Reason 1: Blood, Sweat, and Tears.
Okay, maybe not the blood and tears  part but there will be sweating, and lots of it. Have you ever attended a dance class/workshop where you felt like things were going a bit slow?
When Bboying, this is never the case. Because of its high energy and emphasis on footwork, Bboying will always have you feeling the burn. This is great if you want to get into shape!
Reason 2: “F” is for friends who do stuff together! 
Take a chance, and sign up at any local dance studio, recreation centre, or join a school club that offers “breakdance”. You’ll get the chance to meet new people from a range of dance levels, and from different backgrounds. From my personal experience I’ve found it can be intimidating at first, but I became friends with everyone in my class fairly quickly and expanded my circle of friends.Reason 3:  Confidence

Before I began dancing, I was a very shy, anti-social, and easily intimidated individual.

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