February 21, 2014

AM Stations (to hear) in the car

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Written by: Recultured Team

Alright, so most people probably use their iPods or phones if not satellite radio in their vehicles for music. But some people still prefer the beats of the Amplitude Modulation (AM) Broadcast band.

In this article, station will be taken to mean transmitting antenna location, which is what determines reception characteristics, not the address of the station’s administrative office. These are a list of AM stations that still transmit music and can be heard in the Vancouver area.

600 khz

650 khz

This station is in Vancouver, so it will be the loudest and won’t be susceptible to noise on your receiver.  AM650 usually plays music from the 60s and the 70s. Site, time , crap.


670 khz

880 khz

This station is somewhere in

1380 khz

1520 khz



This is KXA 1520 in

1640 khz


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