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May 23, 2013

Wells Gray Park: Waterfall Capital of BC!

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Written by: Recultured Team
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I thought I would enlighten you all with a blog post on my home! I’ve lived in Clearwater, B.C. for my entire life. It’s a small town of about 4000, and while I’ve always called a this place your typical hicktown full of rednecks and gossip, I can say that I am quite proud of the provincial park located only 30 km north of Clearwater. Wells Gray Park has come to be known as the “Waterfall Capital of Western Canada”; the “hidden jewel” of the North Thompson.

It’s home to Canada’s 4th highest waterfall (Helmcken Falls), and contains gigantic layered-rock canyons, abundant wilderness, and spectacular mountains. It is also known as a world-class destination for canoeing, rafting, kayaking, fly-fishing, hiking, and camping. As I work at the Wells Gray Information Centre, I’m an expert of the park area and will highlight some of these awesome attractions with personal experience.


As far as hiking goes, I would say your experience doesn’t get much better than in the Trophy Mountains and the Alpine Meadows. The hikes here offer a bit of a challenge and the view of the gigantic snow-capped mountains from the flower meadows is pretty much incredible. Guided and interpretive hikes are also offered among these mountains, as well as overnight trips and hut-to-hut hiking.

A view of the Trophy Mountains.


Your visit to Wells Gray Park would not be complete without a visit to some of the waterfalls, which blow my mind every time I travel up to see them.

Helmcken Falls (see photo above) is a world-famous waterfall, and also the 4th highest in all of Canada, with a height of 140 meters! The viewing platform is located quite a ways from the waterfall so that tourists can take in not only the Falls, but also the scenery that surrounds it. Helmcken is encompassed by a gigantic rock canyon that is so huge, it extends past the viewing platform and out of sight. The wall is layered with different shades of rocks from successive time periods, and I get a strong sense of history upon viewing this. Far below you can see the river embedded in the canyon. I am in awe every time I experience this overwhelming view, and it blows my mind when I realize that I’ve lived so close to this spectacle for my entire life! Its pretty amazing what the natural processes of the Earth can create.

A final waterfall worth checking out on your visit to Wells Gray is Moul Falls. The hike is about 35 minutes long, with a steep stretch at end, which will take you to the base of the waterfall. This is definitely one of my favorite Falls, seeing as you can actually walk in behind the waterfall and may choose to explore the large black cave on the other end. A definite must-see!

A photo from my recent trip to Moul Falls.

Whitewater Rafting

Before I end this post, I must mention the whitewater rafting we have in the area. Last summer, I went on a full-day rafting trip where we journeyed down the Clearwater River. It was one of the best outdoor-adventure experiences I’ve had in my life. The guides are professional, outgoing, knowledgeable, and are experienced in maneuvering the raft to keep everyone safe. The trip down the river was a one-of-a-kind adrenaline rush as we teared over the Sabertooth rapids (class 4 and 5) and got soaked.

Later on in the trip, there is a section of the river that is smooth and bubbly, and we were allowed to climb out of the raft, put our feet up and float down the river, hitting a few small rapids along the way. It was an awesome trip – one that I hope to do again this summer! In doing a trip like this, I realize that this is world-class whitewater rafting in my backyard. You won’t find a trip like this anywhere else! It’s one of the attractions that truly make me proud to have grown up near Wells Gray.

Crashing into the Sabertooth rapids – my rafting trip last summer!

So this summer, if you enjoy the outdoors and are looking for a nice place in BC to get-away for a few days, come to Wells Gray! There’s something here for everyone, whether you’re sporty or not. Some of the views you experience will amaze, overwhelm, and inspire you. Hikes, waterfalls, lakes, wildlife and rafting will give you a week that you won’t forget any time soon, that’s for sure!

The Wells Gray Information Centre

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