After an 8-year hiatus, Square Enix and Eidos Montreal bring back the third installment of the franchise in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a prequel to the first Deus Ex title. A combination of FPS, RPG, Action and Adventure, Deus Ex: Human Revolution offers a unique gaming experience for its players.


The year is 2027, 25 years before the original Deus Ex takes place. You take control of a man named Adam Jensen, an ex-cop that was hired as the chief of security by a human augmentation company called Sarif Industries.  The story begins with the Sarif headquarters being infiltrated and attacked by a group of unknown, augmented mercenaries. Jensen is placed in a critical condition after the attack, but with the help of augmentation his life is saved. After recovering from his augmentation procedure, Jensen is now determined to search for answers and get a taste of revenge.

A photo of Adam Jensen plotting his revenge


The overall presentation for this game is somewhat impressive but nothing we haven’t seen before. Cutscene graphics are exquisite but its in-game graphics are mediocre in today’s standards. The HUD and the menu do bring out that nice futuristic feel, but the character voices negate the overall presentation with repetitive voice actors. Dialogues tend to go on for too long and unnecessary cutscenes such as the airship takeoff and landing are repeated multiple times throughout the game. While I may be nitpicking, Deus Ex’s overall presentation is still better than most games today. Character animations such as melee attacks and Jensen’s augmented landing system elevate the experience for the players.

Good-looking menu


Deus Ex: Human Revolution prides itself with its exciting gameplay. The game offers different ways for players to go about the entire game. Players could play stealthily or go on a murdering rampage. Regardless of which route players take, the story is not altered or affected in any way.  It would, however, be smart for players to upgrade their augmentations according to their style of play. Upgrades are acquired in the form of Praxis points which accumulates based on XP points you get. Other facets of the game include hacking terminals (a lot of it), long but exciting side missions, and altering dialogues and outcomes based on selected responses. The biggest drawback of this game is, surprisingly, the loading time. Dying in the game makes you instantly regret not being more careful as loading your latest save takes a painfully long time. Manual saving itself takes a while in today’s saving standards. It is a shame that a great game like Deus Ex: Human Revolution can’t even meet 3rd Gen requirements.

Trust me, you'll be seeing this a lot

Our Final Take

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is definitely a must-play game for this season. The fascinating plot of the game allows it to be a nice piece to the franchise. Although the presentation has a few kinks here and there, the Deus Ex still rivals most great games today. Its unique gameplay experience makes it worth the gamer’s time although the loading time is subpar. Overall, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a game that is worth playing and paying for.


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