It seems like here in recultured, we are rating the best games and not all games. This opinion will only get stronger as we present the Review for NBA 2K12 for the PS3, Xbox360, and PC.

NBA 2K12 is the sequel from last year’s critically acclaimed NBA 2K11. Ever since EA last year screwed up with their NBA Elite series and dropped out, NBA 2K11 with Michael Jordan on their side soared in ratings and sales. It was so good in fact, that many gaming websites were considering it for the BEST GAME OF THE YEAR, not just the best sports game.

This year, NBA 2K took it upon themselves to get even better. Utilizing Social Media and Michael Jordan Commercials such as this one, that created a huge hype on the Internet before it was released:


Even with the imminent NBA Season Lockout, NBA 2K12, instead focused on its other game modes to distance themselves from being too dependent on the next NBA season.

Game Modes

NBA 2K12 boasts tons of game modes and content for the NBA, basketball, and/or sports fan. The new addition for this year is the NBA Greatest Mode where you can play in 10 legendary games from NBA history. As soon as you beat each game, you unlock that classic team for other modes. Such legendary teams included are the old Shaq and Kobe Lakers, John Stockton and Karl Malone Jazz, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen Bulls, and Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  Each game is presented in a unique true-to-its-time presentation.

An awesome unique experience

Another Game Mode introduced this year is the Create a Legend mode. This mode was available last year, but you could only choose Michael Jordan. This year, you can take over any NBA player’s career and play them like a My Player character.

The engrossing My Player mode comes back this year with incredible improvements everywhere. You no longer start as a 40 rated character, but a modest 60 rated player right off the gate. There is now an option for those pressed on time to play only key games rather than all games. You can also earn money now to spend on basketball camps, charities, team dinners, and skill points. The press conferences after every game is also improved, with better responses and questions. I found it especially fun to go through the interview questions, 3 prospective teams ask you, in the beginning of the mode.

The goal for this year's My Player is to get into the Hall of Fame!

There of course is the Association mode, which doesn’t stray too far from the proven path. This year however, they’ve added an Online Association mode where you can play online with friends and strangers in a versus Association online. The system was well thought up of and works seamlessly.


NBA 2K12 has a tight Main Menu, with everything you might need right in front of you. Other than that the other menus didn’t change from last year. One awesome presentation feature you’ll notice is animated star players when you are on Quick Game team selection screen. This small feature definitely has an overall huge impact on the quality of the game.

NBA 2K12 has improved graphics from last year. Kobe no longer looks like an alien and there are definitely more signature moves that you can do from different NBA stars, most noticeably Blake Griffin. New animations including leaners, dunks, and layups just add to the stellar presentation set

One Word: "SICK"

by NBA 2K11. At the beginning of each game, there are varied music-video like intros which keep from going from game to game a little bit more fresh. I just love the intro of the starters that are animated in a green screen like presentation. All statistics in game, and during halftime have noticeable updated graphics.

Adding Steve Kerr to the announcer booth definitely is a welcome change. Steve Kerr’s added insights with Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg is definitely awesome to listen to during the games. They’re so fun to listen to that I lowered the stadium sounds a bit to hear them even clearer!

Even though presentation in NBA 2K12 boosted up the standard level, it also falls under one of the few qualms I have with the game. Out of game graphics such as Press Conferences, the Draft, and the still captured Starters Screen are pixelated and looks like 2006 graphics.

The game graphics engine definitely needs an update as it is the same since NBA 2K10.


Game controls have been put together to focus on post moves. The amount of moves you can do as a post player is staggering! With a single button you can go from posting up to facing the opponent. Every time a post shot goes in, it’s extremely gratifying.  Slam Dunks and lay ups are harder to make now that the ball can be tipped by the tips of the defensive fingers. This really creates a different game play experience than that of any previous NBA 2K games.

You can easily crossover, double back, and spin with agile ball handlers and take a leaner fadeaway to hear the most beautiful sound in the world, “Swish.”

Kobe is still unstoppable in this game

Doubled with the tighter gameplay controls and the amount of modes in NBA 2K12, prepare to spend lot’s of happy girlfriend-less hours in NBA 2K12. It is also noteworthy to add that you can now push the ball faster ahead down the court, with the effect of potentially losing it. The basketball is now more sensitive to feet and legs so dribbling into a crowd of people could easily make you drop it. This isn’t a bad thing as you have to play smarter now.

Final Take

Rich with NBA’s epic history, rich presentation, improved controls and game modes, makes this the best NBA 2K so far. Having the marketing ability to have Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan to back your basketball game shows how unstoppable NBA 2K series have become. The soundtrack for this game is so good that I listen to it outside of gaming time. Which is minimal, because of how epic the game is.

The only thing holding back NBA 2K12 from getting 5/5 is the out of court graphics, some of the graphics in game, and long loading times. I wish they’d have the option to install parts of the game in the PS3 and Xbox360 to shave those loading times off! I also look forward to them to use a upgraded graphics engine for next year!

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