Forget about Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja; I have discovered the underdog of time-killing and no-brainer game app for the iPhone. Introducing the donuts-obsessed Tappi Bear! With its simple mini games involving a certain bear with addition for donuts, it can easily replace the likes of Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, etc. While this isn’t as well known as the aforementioned game apps, the Tappi bear games will not disappoint you!


When you’re mindlessly travelling on transit, passenger seat, or just trying to kill some time, this app will be your perfect companion. This is your typical pick-up-and-play game with no storyline and no unnecessary thinking needed.

The developer, Taplay, has distributed two sets of packs that contain all of its popular mini-games, including the Rainbow Band, Cowboy Tappi, and Donut Dance.  Each pack contains 8 games that challenge the reaction time and quick movements of the player.

Top Favourites from each pack

Pack I

One of my favourite mini-game from Pack I is the “Donut Dance.”


This is probably one of the mini-games where you would need to have fast-moving set of eyes and a brain that could comprehend them. The objective of this game is to find the donut that’s being tossed around by the Tappi bears. You have to pay attention and look for the last location of the donut; if you fail, you’ll break the rhythm of their dance party and the Tappi bears will be devastatingly disappointed.

Pack II


Rainbow Band is probably my most favourite mini-games out of both Pack I and Pack II. This is a simple games where you have to count in order from 1 to correctly orchestrate a band of tappi bears and friends. If you press the wrong number or take too much time, the Tappi maestro of the band will start to panic and soon the band will fall out of synchronization and fail to make music. You must do all this before time is up.


In my opinion, the all-in-one pack II has better mini-games compared to the pack I as I find myself using the Pack II app more often than the Pack I. The apps in general have very good graphics with bright colours and cute characters and it is definitely addictive. I think for $0.99/pack is a pretty good price for the quality and quantity of the mini-games you get. Challenge yourself and your friends to a game of Tappi Bear and see who has faster reaction time and hand-eye coordination!

Written by Cecilia Kim

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